See List Of Top 10 Richest Yoruba Actors And Actresses In Nigeria 2018 And Their Net Worth

Richest Yoruba Actors And Actresses In Nigeria 2018

Richest Yoruba Actors And Actresses In Nigeria 2018 – Some years ago, who would believe that the Yoruba Nation would be this prominent in the the nollywood industry. They have emerged as one of the leading pioneers of the Nigerian movie industry. Their stars are known all over the places. They have acted movies that are mind blowing. Even they shot movies outside the shores of this country.

In recent times, they have experienced lots of challenges that would have made it possible to close the industry but yet they have strive on to be one of the leaders in Nollywood. As it where, the Yoruba actors are paid very well and also, they have been recognised for their contribution to the world of art and cinema in Nigeria and all around the world at large. On this article, we will be showing you the top 10 highest paid Yoruba actors and actresses 2018.

See the Richest Yoruba Actress in Nigeria 2018

The amount these ones receive will shock you. These are not just from acting alone but also from endorsement deals also. The list will shock you as we present it to you.

The list of the 10 highest paid Yoruba actors and actresses 2018 is as follows:

  1. Iyabo Ojo

This cast is called Iyabo Ojo is a very popular name in Yoruba industry. She has acted some plethora of interesting characters during her acting time and she is still doing so up till now. A graduate from the prestigious Lagos State Polytechnic where she graduated from State Management. Her first role in the industry was in 1997 where she co star the famous Binbo Akintola in  a cinema movie. Later on in 1998, she was featured in Keppy Ekpeyoung’s movie titled ‘Satanic’. After her wedding the following year, she decided to take a break and face the act of being a mother. But as the industry grew, she got interested again and in 2001,  She returned back  to acting. She joined the trio of Yinka Quandri, Taiwo Hassan and Abbey Lanre as their group-Odunfa Caucus’ co-ordinator.

It was in 2002 she emerged a super star as ait where because that was the year she was giving a major cast in a movie named ‘Baba Darini’. This movie made her so popular after which many immense acclamation started pouring in. At this point, she added productions into her acting. And through that she earns an exorbitantly money through her films. She recently produced some movies which include Bolutife, Arinzo and Esan

Richest Yoruba Actors And Actresses In Nigeria 2018

  1. Muyiwa Ademola

muyiwa ademola

As far as the Yoruba movie sub sector of the Nigerian movie industry is concerned, Muyiwa Ademola is a renowned household name. His likes have brought this industry into limelight and he s one of the richest Youruba actors of all times. It was not an easy task for him to join the movie industry. Yeah. You may be wondering why? His father being a pastor was a challenge. It was not easy to convince his father about the idea at all. But it was his destiny to be one so God intervened. Though his father never wanted to but Ademola was sturborn to his calling. And this was the reason he could get what he wanted and today, see where life has taken him to.

The actor had to come with elements of doggedness to persuade his parents. His great skills in acting have made him a top notch in the industry. He is not just an actor but also a prolific producer and director. In 2004, he decided to produce his first movie “Ori”, then in 2009, Ise Imole and Igi Owo came too. He is one of the few that have emerged successful both in acting and in production.

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  1. Fathia Balogun

Fathia Balogun

If anyone would tell you that Mrs Fathia Balogun has featured in over 70 yoruba movies in Nigeria, will you believe it? She is a renowned actress who has won several awards for her brilliant and versatile performances. She is an Alumnus of Maryland Compressive High School Lagos. She would later proceed to the Kwara State Polytechnic in Kwara State. She became so successful after she played a role in the famous wale Adenuga production “Super story” from then onwards; her popularity has known no bounds. She has also acted in several Yoruba movies which include the following, Yemoja, Ito Funfun and Jawonbe. In 2006, she suffered a marriage set back. She was divorced by her husband Sajdi Balogun but that did not act as a catalyst to her career as she waxed stronger in the movie industry. According to our research team, she has featured more than any Yoruba actor actress in movies.

Richest Yoruba Actors And Actresses In Nigeria 2018

  1. Wale Akorede Okunnu

Wale Akorede Okunnu

For me, Wale Akorede Okunnu is the popular comic Yoruba actor in the industry. He  has a wide fan base and he is popularly known for his bone-tickling comic performance. He became very much popular based on his association with already famous stars in the persons of Olanivi Afonia and Muyiwa Ademola. Many have come to know him by the name Okunnu which got why he starred in a movie some time ago. He has featured in over a 100 Yoruba movie and this could be attributed to the fact that he is a well sort after actor base on his comic character. We also discovered that Okunnu acts in every 6 out of 10 movies released at a stretch which have made him one of the few most popular actors. Which goes to tell that he is but a rich actor.

  1. Olaniyi Afonja

Olaniyi Afonja

One of the few and most respected actor in the Yoruba movies industry is Olaniyi Afonja. He is a well acknowledged and adored actor. Though he been in the industry long before others came in. In 1992 he joined a theatre group. With his theatre group, they did perform in various cities in the Western region of Nigeria where he started gathering momentum. Though this trade of his was vehemently objected by his parents for choosing such a profession.

Well, acting was his passion and desire so against all odds, he forged ahead and today, he has become a standout actor. In 1996, he then relocated to Lagos where he joined the Ajala Jalingo theatre group. The movie Sanyeri made him popular and brought him into limelight in the movie industry. Up till this day, his fans do refer to him as Sanyeri because he was known as such in the movie Sanyeri.

When see that movie called Muniru ati Ambali, you will see why he was credited for bringing fresh air of humour in the movie. He has taken a swipe into production of movies even though he so sucessful in his acting. He has produced some blockbuster movies like Oro Asoti, Aina Orosun and Opa kan. Being a successful producer and a successful actor, he receives quite a huge sum of money.

  1. Femi Adebayo

Femi Adebayo

Though he is not new to movie because his entire family are either actors or producers or directors. He family background was an inspiration for him. Well, some have already predicted his success in the industry because of his close ties with veteran actor, Adebayo Salami. So to these ones, it didn’t come as a surprise. You remember that movie Jelili? Yeah, that’s where he got the stage name from jelili. It was a comic movie and he really made everyone laugh in that movie. He started acting long before 1996 but it was in 1996 he did bag his first major role in the movie Owo Blow. After that movie, he would take a 10 years break to complete his studies and came back stronger. When he came back, featured in lots of movies and even produced some of these movies himself.

Currently, Femi Adebayo has featured in over 97 Yoruba movies which include the likes of Sonto Alapata, Ile Alayo and Jelili. J15 is a theatre school owned by Femi Adebayo . Here, trainings are provided to those who aspire to enter the filmmaking industry. He is happily married and is blessed with three children. His popularity has made him one of the few most sorted actors in the Yoruba movie industry and he receives a very large sum of money per acting.

  1. Mercy Aigbe

Mercy Aigbe

Who does not know Mercy Aigbe? Though she was said to have come from an Edo family but one can’t really tell how true that could be. An affluent celerity and a very adored actress in the Yoruba movie industry. In every movie she has acted, she has actually stormed her audience and this is the one reason her movies are ever sorted for. She did study theatre arts from Comprehensive High School, Also went to Polytechnic of Ibadan and University of Lagos.

In 2002, she came into lime light in her debut movie alongside Yinka Quadri. As far as the movie industry is concerned, she is a household name and her stage name Osas which came about because of the role she played in one of her famous movies.  The movie Ara produced by Wemimo film brought her fame and stardom. Apart from being an actor, she is also a producer who have produced some amount of good movies too. Her latest production includes Life after Marriage which starred the famous Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim. In 2009, and 2012 she was awarded with the Best Yoruba actress by the City People Awards and Afro Hollywood Award, U.K.

  1. Dayo Amusa

Dayo Amusa

Daya Amusa a Surrulere brought up who have rising from the ranks and have become one of the richest actress in the Yoruba industry. Born into the family of former Engineer chief Kalowole Amusa. She started acting as far back as 2002 and since then she has known no better yesterday in the industry. A household name in the industry that has a well established fan base to her name. She is a versatile actress who can play different kinds of role and that have earned her reputation in the industry today. And as at today, she has won many accolades to her name. She also is good producer who have produced some mind blowing movies including Ajegbado and Dewunmi Iberu. Her latest movie was Unforgivable which was directed by Desmond Elliot and featured the likes of Mike Ezuoronye.

  1. Funke Akindele

Richest Yoruba Actress in Nigeria 2018

Who does not know Funke Akindele? A multi talented celebrity. She has won more prestigious AMAA Best Actress than any other female actress in the industry. She has also won an AMAA best actress for a leading role award in 2009. This award she took after her interesting role she played in the movie Jenifa. One thing that have stood her out is her versatility which makes her one of the sort after actress in Nollywood as a whole. Her endorsement deals have no limit to ending. And through these deals, she has emerged very rich and that is why she is the richest Yoruba actress in Nigeria 2018.  Funke started her career by playing Bisi in United Nations sponsored series “I Need To Know”.

  1. Odunlade Adekola

Once regarded as a church boy actor because he started his movie career from the church Abeokuta, Ogun state. His friend Tunde then would request to play jesters during various church occasions and ceremonies. According to him, that gestures, laid the foundation for his career. It was his mentor he met his later career chief Isola Durojaiye who helped him to brush up his talent.

It took Odulade just two years to nise his fame across the Yoruba hinterland for he began his career in 2005. He came into limelight from one of his famous movies Asiri Gomina. As at today, he has appeared in over 100 of movies and earns a handsome salary through each.

Forbes sees him as the most successful Yoruba actor and also the richest Yoruba actor too. Before i forget, Mr Odunlade Adekola recently starred in a new movie called Adebayo Aremu Abere which he also produced. Currently, he has amazed wealth for himself via the entertainment industry. He is the CEO of (Odunlade Adekola Film Production) OAFP

Richest Yoruba Actors And Actresses In Nigeria 2018

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