Nollywood Audition Form 2018/2019 – Nollywood Registration

Nollywood Audition Form 2018/2019 – Nollywood Registration

I need everyone who aspire to be a Nollywood actor or actress to read this article meticulously. These days, the quest to become a star looms and lures many into danger. Some people blindly follow whatever they see online and that is how the rest of the story becomes history. When you search Nollywood registration form online or Nollywood audition form online, there are lots of websites that pops up claiming that they sell Nollywood registration form or nollywood auditioning forms online. How true is that scam? Since when did we start having our prestigious movie industry sell their registration or auditioning form online?

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Mind you, the Nigerian movie industry also known as nollywood does not produce movies or conduct auditioning whatsoever. So the question now is, what or how do one become a nollywood actor? I have already shared that in my previous article regarding how to join nollywood as an actor or actress. You can butress on that and see yourself soar high in the movie industry.

Please note that there is nothing like nollywood registration forms or auditioning forms anywhere in this country. Where can that be found? Nowhere at all. I would be sharing with you some sad stories how many persons where scammed by fraudsters who claimed to be selling nollwood online registration forms and auditioning forms online.

Truth must be told. Actor and actress are the most famous people in any country. They are very rich and famous and this is one of the surest way of living your dream as a person. Many persons have dreamed of becoming one themselves. The entertainment industry as acting is concerned makes people famously rich. Many people have so much idolized these famous and rich actors and actress like Gnevive nnaji, the likes of Ramsey Nouah, the likes of  Omotola jolade etc that they wish they where the ones. And many will do anything to get there. Yeah. That’s a strong determinations and a strong desire too. Many persons too have taken unnecessary risk to get there. Just that you know, becoming your dream nollywood actors and actress has alot of enjoyment but you must be very careful because there are fraudsters everywhere.

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These fraudsters will do at anything to get your attention. Some don’t just fraud you of your cash but some are big time r1tualist. Deadly ones. I want to quickly inform you that as at now, there is no registration or Nollywood audition forms online that is going on. Whatever you see there as a registration whatsoever, are all fake. Stay away from them. That does not mean that many movie houses does not conduct registration or auditioning o. They do but nollywood as an entity is not doing any registration or auditioning. But if at all which i sincerely doubt it comes out, i will directly inform you and send you the link to your email account. If you are interested, kindly drop your email account on the comment box.

Nollywood Audition Form 2018/2019

Some time ago, i did an online research about nollywood registration. And i had lots of websites that popped up while i did my research. Funny enough enough, none had anything better to tell me. I called the numbers on the sites and they all told me almost same thing. I was to pay so so and so amount to so so and so accounts and when the cash have been received and confirmed, a link will be sent to my email. These was how they scammed me o. But it was an eye opener for me. Well, there where some other movie house that did have auditioning that same period that i participated in. But there was nothing like nollywood registration or nollywood online auditioning. I will be taking out my time to teach you what it Takes to Become a Nollywood Actor or actress in Nigeria.

Acting has different dimension. Many would say, it is the act of mimicking another persons character perfectly well as though you where the original person who did perform it. But there are those who teach that acting ins inbuilt. That acting is a gift or a talent. This means that an actor must have the innate bility to play a role he is quite different from. That is a n individual should be able to copy a character different from his excellently well, that you would make it seem as if you real attitude. Those who feel they have these abilities and have not been seen by many, feels they should be on the screen by all means and become their dream star and this is where the search for nollywood registration and nollywood auditioning starts. And they out of desperation falls into scamms and fraudsters who on their part are willing to do whatever to steal, destroy and devour.

 Nollywood Audition Form 2018/2019 – I have shared in my previous on how to become a movie actress in Nigeria 2018 that usually before a movie is acted, there are usually auditioning for upcoming stars who would be projected. It is usually during these auditioning that actors with innate talents are good ability are spotted and giving roles to play. During auditioning, many roles are assigned to various persons and whoever performs better, will be giving the role. Movie directors, and producers usually via this method, selects and gets best raw talents. Now for those who want to be the next big thing in the acting industry and those who feels they have what it takes to do so, should look out for as many auditions as they can. Just one in hundred could just be all you need Remember that film locations are not exclusive to a particular region in Nigeria and that is why you can be selected from anywhere because the opportunity is now opened to people in different regions of the country depending on the locations the producers have chosen.

We have seen in some cases where producers do advert for auditions and at times they don’t. All they do is to use already established actors and actresses from some institutions around the country for their movies. Trust me, there are lots of auditioning going on. They are sometimes free of charge and the others do charge for it. But if you are interested please drop your contact address on our comment box below and we will communicate the recent ones to you directly

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What it takes to become a Scam Victim

We have seen how people have been brutally scammed and duped of their cash. Yes. Those who fall victim are those who are so desperate to becoming the next big thing on the Nollywood industry. They don’t do their home work well, they do their research well, they just jump into whatever comes their way and that is where the issue starts from. They will promise heaven on hell to their victims and it later will turn out to be a scam. Just take a look at this header message: Nollywood registration form online.  This really tempting to potential scam victims.  Please it should be noted that most Actors are really intelligent people and that is one of the criterion of being an actor or actress. Should be able to distinguish what is real and what is scam. It’s all part of being intelligent and smart. I have told you and am still sounding it clear again that there is no nollywood auditions going on neither is there any form of registration going on.

Nollywood Audition Form 2018/2019

No online registration site would require you to call a number as a prerequisite for filling a form online. So wherever you see an online registration sites that tells you to call a number, that site should be carefully looked upon.

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