Simple ways on how to get your music on Radio stations in Nigeria – Airplay, Radio Promotion

Simple ways on how to get your music on Radio stations in Nigeria – Airplay, Radio Promotion

how to get your music on Radio stations in Nigeria – We are all aware that the Nigerian radio industry has not been very friendly with our upcoming stars. Yeah. Some of you may not believe it but that’s the truth. This does not mean that there are no other Radio outlets out there that do not really promote the music career of our upcoming artists. They are and they are more than willing to help you grow your music career.  If indeed you want to grow your fan base as an artist, you want to be heard as an artist, you want your music to sky rock to the top, then the importance of airing it on radio cannot be over emphasized my friend. Because if your music is not played on some of these commercial radio stations, there’s a limit to your reach and your fan base will be quite limited to a handful of people. You need the radio station to promote you and your music.


I have been helping people get their music on radio station for some time now even on free station. There are lots of mistakes i have realised that some these artists do. They never get to plan before they set out to do what they want to do. Some even go as far as trying to cover all grounds. Trying to send their music to all radio stations at once. You can only do that when you have Major label money sponsoring you; else there will be no way you can get your music on all Nigerian Stations and getting everyday airplay is something you can never do. I have already done some outlining for those who want to promote their music via the radio station to consider if they have the three most important necessity needed for getting their songs played on radio.


Now let me be frank and sincere with you. There is no way on earth you are gonna promote your music via the radio industry for free but it’s something you need to do because, without it, forget it. Your music won’t be heard. It will only end up on your lips. So don’t place calls to anyone seeking for help regarding promoting your music on radio stations for free. It doesn’t work that way. Because in this business of musiking, you must spend and spend really big. You have to make a monthly or weekly budget plan for it.

I have seen situations where upcoming artists just go to a radio house or meet an on air personality to help air their music. I just laugh because this music is never aired. Go back to the radio station, you will find out that your CD plate is still on the shelves or it has been trashed. You must do your home work first, ask questions first, and table a budget before you first before setting out to meet any radio house for the promotion of your music. See not all radio stations fits your style of music or genre of music. Nope. Ensure you find out the very music
format of the radio station and know if your genre and style will be compatible with it or not! Let me sight an example. You cannot get airplay on a station that plays only classic R&B pop or Jazz music when your style is the Naija Hip-Hop/Dance. This will certainly help and frustrate your loyal audience you are building.

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Now you have to find out the various kinds of radio stations that plays your genre of music and make a list of them. You have to follow the programms on the stations and find out the particular programm that have a good listenership and fan base. Now you are to try and get the contact details of these presenters either by listening to their contact details while they present or by getting it via their social media handler eg Twitter handle, Facebook ID etc. If you want to create a familiar environment or ground for future references and also easy contacts, then you have to be a follower of the same programm too. Call in when you can etc and trust me, you will be doing yourself a great good.

Now, no man is an island of knowledge. You can also talk to other artists who must have gone before you and ask them what their budget was like before they did what they are doing now. This so crucial because with these information, you are sure too armed to fail or invest wrongly.

Now we come to the real koko which is money. This time, you have to draw up a financial budget plan for this. You have to cost how much it will cost you to move around (transport fare, or fuel money?) Plan how much you can spend in each of these radio stations to help you promote your music or air it as the case may be.


You don’t have to rush into this. Please and please draw up a financial plan for this based on your pocket. You won’t pay once and expect your music to be everywhere. No. It’s not magic. You must do it consistently before you can build a loyal audience. So enjoy you are taking note of these points am sharing with you guys.


It’s not just a matter of airing your music on air on a regular basis alone that can give you the desired result you want. A hundred times nope. You can to stand out. That you are an upcoming artist does not mean you can do good music. Some artists produce songs even their friends are not proud of. Some of the songs they produce are in no way ready for promotion at all. Make sure you are promoting songs that deserve to be aired o because; it will help end your young career my friend.  Before you embark on promoting your music on radio station, ensure that it has been listened to and critiqued by professionals before you air it on radio. Your family is not the best place for it please.


If you have NOT made your music available online, then FORGET about investing the time and money trying to get airplay. What’s the point? If a station plays your song and people like your music – but can’t find it in their favourite online music site – then they can’t have access to your music. So get your online promotion in place first!


Let no one deceive you that getting airplay on the top radio stations is hard. Lies. It’s so simple. Follow all the steps we have outlined here and this will work like a magic for you. Well if you wish that we help you promote your music on good and quality radio stations across the country, then contact and we will help your dream come through.

how to get your music on Radio stations in Nigeria

With our experienced personnel that are ready and willing to work with you with and assist you in getting your song on top radio stations in Nigeria, just place a call to us through our email address and let the professionals who has vast record of working with the top radio station in the Nation and also has holds good relationship with many OAPs handle your radio promotion project for you and in less than a month, your song will be on the lips of every Nigerians. Contact us via this mail.

how to get your music on Radio stations in Nigeria


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