10 Best sites to Watch Nigerian Movies 2018

Channels TV – Well, many people do know the channel TV as a news TV house. But if you are still in that category, then you have been missing out because channels TV have in recent times redefine what the media and journalism should look like. You can take a look for yourself and see what’s happening there. This means that Channels Tv have been able to transform it’s video content into a digital one. This they have done just to suit the digital audience of today. All kinds of Nigerian latest movies can be watched on Channels TV and you could give it a try and trust me, you will be glad you did.

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2. Ndani TV – It was romoured that a group from GT bank did create the Ndani TV. Yeah. It is true as at now. It is the entertaining side of the prolific bank and they have been able to turn it into a video blog and an online magazine blog. In regards to watching entertaining movies or scenes in Nigeria, then you are rest assured that Nadni TV will deliver. They have featured the likes of 2face, Wizkid etc.

3. Sahra TV – Mr Sowore the owner who wants to run for presidency come 2019, has made lots of money here. For high profile political news and other entertaining scenes which includes movies and other TV programmes, then trust Sahara TV. They feature two of the most prominent TV programmes titlted Damages and Time out.

4. Video Naijj – When it comes to entertainment, you can sleep while you search on naijj. They have absolutely anything on entertainment as far that industry is concerned. So make it your drop zone on watching Nigerian movies. i mean latest ones and old ones too. Never a dull moment with Video Naijj

Notjustok – It was just a blog that was created in 2006 for the sole purpose of uploading videos but has now become one of the most popular website for watching any kind of Nigerian movies and downloads. A visit to Notjustok will expose you to various kinds of Nigerian musics, artist, entertaining videos, movie collections, gossips etc. That’s it about this website. Another unique feature of this website is that is features all the upcoming artists in the industry and trust me, they also uploads videos that shake the Nigerian entertaining world.

6. Nigerian Watch – This is a newspaper site that features all sorts of Nigerian news from politics to culture to entertainment etc. But that’s not all it does. They also feature all trending afro music and afrobeats on their top 20 afrobeaters chart. Yeah, you could be decieve thinking they just do newspaper alone but trust me, they have turned their work into a digital one that viewers never gets tired of.

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7. Zera TV – Some few years back, Zera TV was nowhere but the alarming rate at which Zera is rising and becoming more popular is worthy of note. It is purely entertainment when you visit the site. You will be thrilled by what you see there. Which includes the likes of Nigerian movies, Tv shows, movie series including both uncut and uncensored movies.

8. Iroko TV – Years ago, they where the only known online movie store but now they have lots of competitors. But in Africa and Nigeria, they lead in terms of movie stores and downloads. So if you want to watch movies and download Nigerian or African movies, then Iroko TV is your sure guess.

9. Naijaboyz – These guys are something else when it comes to comedy. They run a youtube sub channel. You could watch any kind of good quality comedies and movies on this channel and you won’t regret your stay there.

10. AY is AY. One of Nigeria most comic personality. He is a TV presenter an active one and also have a youtube channel where he airs his entertainment videos too. He usually uploads some of his personal comic skills on this channel and you will laugh out your ribs by just visiting it

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