How To Become A Successful Entrepreneur In Nigeria

How To Become A Successful Entrepreneur In Nigeria – No doubt anymore that thousands have seen the that eyes have been clothed with the usual conventional white collar jobs. In fact many have left their office jobs which they worked so hard to get and have found themselves in the entrepreneurial market. But who do you blame for these changes? There are many factors to a story line. Do you want to be a Successful Entrepreneur In Nigeria? Do you have what it takes to become one of the greatest and most Successful Entrepreneur In Nigeria? If yes, then you are on the right article. Many have been sacked from their office jobs, many just decided to quit, some where advised to do so. All these categories of people want to become a Successful Entrepreneur In Nigeria. But there are things that would stand one out and that is the reason i have decided to come up with this article on How To Become A Successful Entrepreneur In Nigeria.

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So many people have been questioning the essence of this regime. Infact many have become frustrated with the fact that Buhari have not been able to address the economic woes the Nation have plunged into. What we are doing now as a nation according to my friend is moving along with the trend. “Anyhow we see am we take am” We are all aware that there where massive retrenchment in the some financial institutions and those who must have felt very secured in their white collar jobs have all been heartbroken. But most of them where warned not to trust the financial foundations of their lives in financial institutions that can not guarantee safety.

This article on How To Become A Successful Entrepreneur In Nigeria, will open the eyes of many to what been an entrepreneur is all about and how they can be very successful in business. Have you noticed that most of the big companies in Nigeria are owned by foreigners? Because starting up a business in Nigeria is very lucrative and this is also based on some certain factors which include the following.

proximity to market


availability of raw materials etc,

Despite these aforementioned factors i just listed, they are still not a yardstick to become a successful entrepreneur in Nigeria or a yardstick in doing business in a country such as Nigeria. A lot have to be put into consideration. Which i will be showing you in a moment on this article on How To Become A Successful Entrepreneur In Nigeria.

The fact that you have big brothers, aunties, sisters, uncles or parents who are rich and could supply you with the needed capital to start up a business does not guarantee that you will become a success in such a business. Kiyasoki despite admonishing the fact that money s very key in business also said that money does not make you a successful business man. Rich Dad Poor Dad” said that “more money does not make you rich”. If this is true and it is, then we can be right to say that say that financial education is the basic perquisite to a becoming a successful entrepreneur in Nigeria and around the globe and that is what I will be showing you today on this publication have titled How To Become A Successful Entrepreneur In Nigeria.

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The reasons many businesses have collapsed after take is because some important factors have been overlooked. People so think that it is money first. Nope. There are a lot to be put into consideration before you can embark on a business journey. There are factors that should be considered before starting a business. So with the application of  appropriate knowledge, success is sure regarding becoming a successful businessman here in Nigeria and the globe at large.

Ways You Can Become An Entrepreneur in Nigeria

Now i will be explaining in paragraphs some factors to be considered before starting a business here in Nigeria. The first i have listed out here is how well equipped is the individual? What are his or her approaches or perception towards the business industry he wants to go into? The reason i asked these question is because many people have gone into business because they have seen others do same and prosper. If you ever have that at your mind, then you are committing what we call economic suicide. Your business died on arrival. You have to do what you know how to do best, what your passion goes for and trust me that is all you need. Don’t plan your life based on what a friend or a relative does because it won’t work that way.

Knowledge is key in starting a business. You must have acquired adequate knowledge of the kind of business you are going into. This alone will catapult you into becoming a successful businessman in Nigeria. No knowledge is a waste. Whatever type of business you are going into, you have to acquire adequate knowledge on it. Some years ago, i opened a poultry business with a friend of mine n Delta state Ogwash to be precise, without knowing how the poultry business works. I have seen poultry owners buy cars, build houses and i felt that was all i needed. I mean the motivation was there. In fact we did sell well enough in our first sales. That was six months after we started the business. Trust me, I was on top of the world at that time. I took out time to share my testimonies with friends and neighbours who applauded us. Again without wasting time, we threw the entire cash into the business again. Do you know what happened? Your guess is as good as mine. It crashed. What a great fall. It took me another six months to recover from the shock. It was a devastating end for our business.

One might be tempted to ask. What did we do well initially that we did not do the second time? That question lingered through my heart all these months i was in shock. And finally i i learnt what happened. I had missed the nailing point from the onset where I did not study the nitty gritty of poultry business before I decided to go into it. This showed that our business even failed before it got started. It was just a matter of time, it still would have crashed. Well, i did not give up even though it took me years to do poultry business again. Today in Ubaja, i and my friend have one of the biggest poultry farms and other farms too.  I have learnt to study and keep up with the latest trend in poultry business. Yes i have workers who works for me, but it has been my knowledge that have kept me on the right path.

How To Become A Successful Entrepreneur In Nigeria

Knowing and understating the type of business that you want to go into, is sure key to whatever you want to do.

The second thing I you should be aware of when trying to set up a business is the environment. You don’t just open a business anywhere simply because it is populated. Population alone is not the factor for choosing a place for business. Many have gone to Lagos to set up business because they think population is the only factor but many have failed in their business. But population is also very vital. Because without the people who do want to sell product to or render services to?

There are factors that are to be considered when choosing an environment for your business. They are population, weather, proximity to market, proximity to place to get raw materials or place to purchase what you are to sell. This means that, you have to in this regards, you make your choice of environment based on the business you will be going into. Now you see why i decided to take my business to Ubiaja and not Benin City. Though it’s a little bit distance from Benin. It’s all because of the nature of the business and for expansion reasons too. So for you, consider a place based on the reasons i have listed above venturing into any business.  Not every place are for business. Why do we have the best hotels in Africa all located in South Africa and not Nigeria despite the fact that we have population more than them?  Ensure you make a decision based on the aforementioned factors and choose a place secured for your business, a place where you can easily take your goods to your customers with ease, or a place where your customers can easily locate you without going through any kind of stress else you won[‘t see them again.

Ways You Can Become An Entrepreneur in Nigeria

Another key factor is the kind of business you want to go into. Now for business like marketing, big cities are easily a sure bet for you. You can’t do such a business in a village like Ubiaja. A friend of mine joined a network marketing business in cross river state with BF SUMA, Business was not moving fine at all. What I discovered was that the place he based had a few population, and that the people where basically farmers who were barely living. In fact the struggle he faced was visible to the blind.  Joining the network business was okay. In fact that is one of the best business you can join. I will make a publication on it soon. He was doing the right thing joining the business but one thing was a problem and that was his environment.

How to become a successful entrepreneur and business owner

He reached a decision and decided to move to Calabar the capital city of Cross River. That was when the breakthrough came about.  Did not say it worked like magic o. Nope. But little effort, much result. There was the issue of familiarizing with the environment, and meeting people etc but he would later call me and was thankful for the decision reached. In two months, he achieved what he could not achieve in almost a year in Ugep cross river state. As I type this article, he is in Benin City with a strong networking ground in calabar and now in Benin. He is doing so well that he has grown to be a top top manager. But we must give attention to what caused it. Environment was key. Spotting the right environment is very crucial to a successful business.

Some other friends of mine are still in that community making a whole lot of money but not in network marketing but in farming.  One is into cocoa farming. He buys in large tons and also sells in large quantity to the cities. Such a business needs you residing in your base where the raw materials are. And that alone is quite the best just as my cocoa friend would always say, “proximity to where I buy my goods have been my success story for my cocoa business”.

This is where I call it a day. There will be part 2 of this How To Become A Successful Entrepreneur In Nigeria . But before i close the door, i want to share my greatest story on How To Become A Successful Entrepreneur In Nigeria. This is what has kept me in the business frame for years and i am still growing on t daily.

I call it Motivation. This is what has kept the likes of Dangote, Elumelu, sir Chapatti, Adenuga etc going in business. You just have to be resolute in what you do. Refuse to quit no matter what you face. Stand firm on your conviction. As far as you know that you are on the right path and on the right business, just keep pushing it to the next level. Keep moving forward because soon, you will see the reward of your labour. It may tarry but it must come to pass. There is what we call the reward of persistence. You too will benefit from it as long as you are resolute to win.

Now let me share a story with you. There is this friend of mine who went into blogging, and he was making huge success but suddenly, he suffered his greatest shock. His blog went down; he was not even earning anything from it anymore. It was frustrating for him.  He tried all he could do, but nothing seems to be working. In fact it got worst. He did try to make several efforts in contacting other big time bloggers to help him but none showed interest in helping him. One did tell him that the blogging industry, “is a competition” He kept pushing it against all odds. He never gave up. But one day, he was called by a theme company who wanted to place their banner on his site for advert purpose and that deal made him a millionaire. And from then on, his blog have become huge success and today, he is so rich from the same blogging that seem would not pay him.

Just refuse to give up on your ideas no matter what comes your way. Be resolute for reward. One day, you will stand tall among your equals and soar high where only eagles can.

How To Become A Successful Entrepreneur In Nigeria

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