BEST WAYS TO PROMOTE YOUR MUSIC IN NIGERIA – What’s the essence of singing if not to make it big or blow. Every upcoming stars who has music as a calling, wants to make it big in the music industry. In fact they want to make their fame noised abroad. The major question that lingers their heart usually is how do they promote their music?. Its the right question to ask except music is not your thing.

5 tips on How to become a successful Musician in Nigeria

We have some of the best major record labels like Mavin, Kennis Music, Chocolate city and Storm records, these aforementioned may not really want to promote you, they may not want to help package your music or promote your songs based on some reasons best known to them. Are you going to fold your arms and watch your career go down the drain? Or you are going to take the bull by the horn? This means that you will need to take up responsibility as your own music promoter and package your songs and promote your music. The very how you can make that happen is what i will be sharing with you on this publication and trust me, you are going to love this and thank me for this later.

The Nigeria major music record labels, usually do not sign young raw talents. In fact you have show how talented and good you are to great degree before you can be even noticed by these top music records or music promoters and marketers. Unlike in America where big labels like Sony BMI, Rockafella and Young money records can sign up an artiste based on raw talent alone. Yeah. We have seen such happen over and over again.

I have come in contact with many upcoming stars who sad because of the huge bucks and cash involved, they could not promote their music on the radio stations. Yeah through as it may sound it’s not entirely true. This has prompted thoughts like if only I had a record label/marketer/promoter. We will talk about how you can promote your music on radio and Tv stations soon.


You must understand something. The future of your music career does not really depend on the fact that you must necessary have money or big money before you can promote your music. Nope. Money is though involved but you can do it yourself without killing yourself trying to get all the cash in this world. This means you don’t have to rely on any record label, marketer or promoter.

Now will be showing some great tips on how you can promote your music and get that basic exposure in the music industry and also at the same time you are increasing your fan base. Be rest assured that your foot must touch the ground. Nothing in this one comes easy. There must be some level of compromises you must make. Adjustments you would not have done you will do this time. For example, you will need to sacrifice your time, efforts, a night’s sleep etc. These are just a few of what you will do in other to get what you want.
Apply the tips to your success.

    This is the major part of what you are expected to do. First you must try and do good songs because this is what stands you out. Well, am very sure that you could actually make good songs. That is the very first reason you want to go into music as a calling. But if you don’t know how to get good songs, i have made a publication on that. So you can click here and that will just do. Making good songs have nothing to do with the genre which are either hip hop, rock Rap or R n B etc. What matters is the targeted audience with a good taste in music you are singing to. And this is one of the reasons many good singers and song writers have failed in the music industry. When you are doing any music, ensure you do it to impress thousands of fans and not just your family and close friends because they only represent a fraction of the music lovers around the country.
    What matters is that you are noticed and it does not matter where that happens from. Is either you are been noticed in clubs o or sponsored shows, what matters is that you are spreading your fame. You are to ensure you plant your cables everywhere. Keep your ears to the ground for upcoming events and shows. This is key. Ensure you are making friends with event organizers. The reason you are doing this, is to persuade him or her to put you on the list of performers for free. Convince him that you have a good song if possible, play the song for him. Again, try and make friends with DJs. Talk to them about your music. Give them a promo copy of your song and persuade them to play it on their shows. Meet with music industry people at musical shows. Some could be producers who are seeking for young or talented or raw talents to work with. You are to ensure you build and maintain your contacts with them. Some of these people might have a market in Alaba or have friends or relatives who do. Some may even work in a Radio house or have people stationed there.
    As a music star, you can only get popular via the social media. Which means you should get account on social websites like Facebook, Twitter, and instagram which gives you the platform to interact with your fans. You will need to regularly update your social network profile with interesting pictures and videos of you. This will keep the interacting session with your fans going. You don’t have to be playing mute. Be actively involved in what you are doing. All Photos from events you performed or a video of a studio recording session should always be updated on your social media account. Remember that these social media networks are not just Nigeria based. So as you grow in your fan base, same way your popularity grows globally. Many people have neglected this part. You must understand that social networking is good for your music career first of all. There is an issue you need to get straight. And this is it. Having huge followers on social media is not a joke. In fact it is a big task on its own and that is the reason you may need to hire a professional to handle the job for you. You just cannot underemphasize the power and importance of the internet in building your music career.
    We have researched that people generally love to download free songs and this is where you come in. Make your songs available for free downloads and trust me, you sure will get so popular by this singular act. By doing this, your songs will reach a wide audience. You can Upload your songs to music sites like Reverbnation, Soundcloudand, musikally and promote your download links to your fans on the social networking sites like facbook, twitter and instagram. Even on Whatsapp.

After you have shared your links, urge your fans to checkout your profile on these music sites and also share it with their friends. And trust me, your loyal audience will respond to your plea. With this singular gesture or act, your songs will be in constant circulation nd before you know it, your songs will be on the phones of everyone and also on their lips. Just remove your mind from being paid for your songs because at this stage you have not entered the industry well. But someday, people will pay you to perform at their shows and events. And this can only be if your songs are popular.

    Many upcoming artist usually don’t take this serious. In fact they neglect the powers of what blogs could do for their careers. As an upcoming star, i will urge you to submit your songs with a little profile and album art/ pictures to the top entertainment and music blogs and websites. Some of the best Nigerian music/entertainment blogs might ask you to come for an interview, while others you have to request, some of them may decide to feature your profile and music; others may not even reply your email. Well, don’t give up. Hold and see what will happen. Most of them will come back one day begging you for interview.
    As an upcoming artist, Alaba international market is your market o. It is the headquarters of the Nigerian music marketers, which means that you have to familiarize yourself with the people at Alaba to get a ground there. There is a secret i wanna share with you now. Ensure you get your song on the monthly Alaba produced DJ mixes at all cost. Sometimes or even on a regular bases, you are asked to pay for this. Don’t worry. Just ay and get things sorted out and ensure your music is showcased on the monthly Alaba produced DJ mixes. Research showed that 96 percent of Nigerian celebrity went to Alaba for promotion in their upcoming days. Trust me, one contact from that market is all what you need to blow. Alaba is the hub of Nigerian music and movie marketers. So get yourself acquainted with that market.
  3. The best things are not for FREE!

Don’t let anyone deceive you into thinking that you can promote your music absolutely free of charge without paying a dine. That’s a lie from the pit of hell. You must spend and on the right people and trust me, you will be glad you did. The OAPs, Social Media publicists, Radio/Satellite channels, Magazines, Top DJs, Top bloggers, music promotion companies, don’t provide their services free of charge. When you them to work for you even if it requires paying them asking for some figures of amounts for the publicity you need, just go ahead and do it and trust me, you will be glad you did.


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