Music producer requirements In Nigeria

Music producer requirements In Nigeria

Music Producer: Job Summary & Education Requirements

Essential Information

Some time ago here in Africa, Nigeria to be precise, we can’t talk much of music producers. In fact almost every artists where themselves music producers of their own songs. Little where known of these guys who have been making the rounds by been producers of songs. And trust me, these guys are making millions out of this. In one of my publications, i penned down the richest producers in Nigeria 2018 and you could just imagine what these guys take home daily.

From a recent survey, COLBHAMS do collect a whopping sum of 1.2 million naira for a single track he will produce. Took from Yemi Alade 23 million naira for one of her latest track. You can see that these guys are extremely rich in their own way. Trust me, if you are dreaming of becoming a music producer, then you are on the right pack. Add passion to what you do and that’s all you need.

How to become a music producer in Nigeria

Music producers  as it well, do use their extensive musical and technical studio experience and expertise to oversee all aspects of a recording session. These includes assisting with mixing, mastering, and recording. I have often said it that for a job like this, a person must have a keen ear for music, a person who loves keeping up with the latest songs and recording artists. Sometimes we call it “having a music ear”.  For this kind of application, having an educational requirements is important but this varies. A bachelor’s degree in music production is the most common credential and requirement for aspiring music producers. For those who are new here,let me list what these programs sometimes include. They include an internship that provides experience overseeing the entire production process.

Below are the music producer requirements.

Degree Level Bachelor’s degree most common
Degree Field(s) Music production or music
Licensure/Certification None
Experience Recording engineer experience valuable
Key Skills Musical aptitude; strong listening and interpersonal skills; familiarity with audio equipment and software
Required Education Bachelor’s degree in music production
Projected Job Growth 5% for all music directors and composers from 2012-2022*
Median Salary (October 2014) $48,858 annually**

Music Producer Job Summary

The Music producer is shouldered with the responsibility of being able to bring out the best in recording artists through their knowledge of vocal and instrumental arrangements. This is one of the best job summary of the music producer. Sometimes we have seen that, some producers do hire musicians and singers to perform selected songs; but on the other hand, some producers are usually been hired by bands or solo artists to oversee recording sessions. As a Music producer, are sometimes been made to with directors of movies or television programs in order to determine the placement of a song.

In bringing technical abilities to a music project, some producers who themselves are experienced recording engineers are therefore hired.Their duties also include assisting in audio engineering which comes in theform of mixing, mastering, and recording process.  While some of the producers may have expertise in a particular style of music. These styles of music includes the following. Rock and roll, classical, R n B, Blues etc.  While some others also may work for a recording studios thereby producing the music of artists that are under contract.

Educational Requirements

We can not categorically tell you that there is a standard level of education needed to become a music producer. We have seen over the years that many colleges offer music production programs – traditionally at the bachelor’s degree level. These four-year programs cover a basic broad range of courses which will help expose the student to recording arts technology and the music business in it’s entirety.

Sample course topics include:

  • Recording industry law and ethics
  • Sound editing techniques
  • Digital audio software
  • Electronic music

To become a graduate of such a school, such a student would either need to produce a full-length recording or participate in an internship in order to graduate. For the Baccalaureate programs, it may result in a Bachelor of Science in Music Production or a Bachelor of Music with an emphasis in production.

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