HOW TO RETRIEVE YOUR LOST GLO SIM – As at now, Globacom is Nigeria’s biggest indigenous telecommunication. We are quite aware that Globacom is one of the leading telecommunications company and they have introduced a new method in which subscribers on its network can easily replace their lost or damaged Sim cards by themselves if they lost it.

Mr Adeniyi Olukoya Globacom’s coordinator, while on a Marketing tour in Lagos sometimes ago, said that for any Glo subscriber who must have lost or have damaged their Sim don’t have anything to fear. All they just have to do is to visit retail outlet , either Gloworld or Glozone, to buy a new Sim card  adding that the new “Glo Sim-Swap” would operate on the Pyro GUI solution for prepaid subscribers.
  While Adeniyi Olukoya was talking, said there will be a special PIN that will be generated during the process and will be given to the subscriber after necessary authentication and the subscriber can then initiate the Sim replacement process by either dialing *305*PIN# , send to 30501 and follow the voice instructions.

According Mr Olukoya said ‘’ this process must be completed within 24 hours in the Glo shop or at home”’

There bottlenecks and long waiting for customers. This he explained that the process had done away with all kinds of long waiting that have to do with customer care representatives to activate newly replaced or swapped Sim.

This is the beauty of this stuff on HOW TO RETRIEVE YOUR LOST GLO SIM  which is the new Glo Sim-Swap process is that the effort is seamless and can be done in the comfort of your home. From reports we had, the Glo gets over 50,000 requests every month for Sim replacement from her customers either due to those who might have lost their phone with the need to retain the old number or due to Sim cards being damaged as it where. This is the reason why it was deemed fit to employ a technology that can carry out such tasks in a less tasking manner and this is what this process sets out to achieve.

So If you might have lost your SIM card or it was stolen, you still can replace it and keep your old phone number.

 The First step is actually to buy a new Glo SIM card.

 Secondly. Go to a retail shop to obtain a certain PIN.

 Better still, dial this number *305*PIN# to replace the card. Or you can call 30501 and listen to instructions given there.


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