How to apply for Germany Visitor Visa in Nigeria

How to apply for Germany Visitor Visa in Nigeria

There are various types of Germany visa application in Nigeria. The Germany visa application entails applying for either the short-term which is popularly known as Visitor’s visa or the long-term visas. If you are wondering what the name given for the Germany visa, it is called Schengen visas. The Germans are not the only Nation using the Schengen Visa. Other Nations in the European community also uses the same visa. So getting the Schengen visa automatically guarantee you free entry into other European countries.  The word Schengen visa is used to qualify visas of countries that belong to the European Union (EU) and agree with the Schengen Agreement.

How To Apply For A Germany Work Permit Visa From Nigeria

Now let’s discuss the short-term and long-term visas which have subsets.

The subsets or subcategories of the long-term visas are as follows: Family reunion visa, Student, research and language course research, Au Pair/Voluntary work visa and Work visa. While Business visa, Medical visa, Tourist visa, Transit visa, Musician and Artist visa, Priest visa, Sportsmen visa and Visa for visiting family and friends are the subsets of the short-term visas only. So please take note because these important factors matters alot while applying for the German visitor visa in Nigeria.

This article will be detailed to application of Visa for visiting family and friends under the Germany short-term visas. The detailed information you will reading on this platform will be written about the long-term and the rest of the short-term visas and How to apply for Germany Visitor Visa in Nigeria

What are Germany Short-term Visas?

When we talk about short-term visas, we are talking about the authorization that are given by the authority of a country to foreigners who do wish to travel into the foreign country temporarily bases. When we talk about short term visa in Germany, these visas that are issued to individuals who are traveling into Germany to stay for a period of 90 days.

What are the Types of Germany Short-term Visas?

Business visa
Medical visa
Tourist visa
Transit visa
Musician and Artist visa
Priest visa
Sportsmen visa
Visa for visiting family and friends

The aforementioned visa types i have listed above are types of Germany short-term visas issued in the country. Studying their names will explain to you the kind of services that they all provide.

How to Apply for Visa for Visiting Family and Friends

You will be requested to take the documents in person, together with the supporting documents that have been required of you to the Germany consulate office located in Lagos on the appointment date.

We will be listing the following supporting documents:

You are to provide a valid passport and one colour copy of its data page (only E-Passports can be accepted, no observations or renewals allowed).

You are to get a copy of Nigerian residence permit (for non-Nigerian nationals residing in Nigeria).

Get two copies of the same passport photographs to the biometric specifications (one is to be attached to application form and while the other stands alone).

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For the Schengen Visa application form you are to visit Germany official page to fill your application form providing the necessary documents that will be needed.

Travel health insurance: You can buy your travel insurance from Mutual benefit funds. Many people have used it and trust me, they deliver in less than 24 hours.

Proof of accommodation in Germany: For those who do not have any one to send them an invitation, you will need a valid hotel booking as proof of accommodation arrangement. And this one of the reasons you will be issued a visa. Please ensure that your hotel booking is a valid one and should the embassy call the hotel, it should be verifiable. Let me quickly tell you this. So many hotels may cancel your booking if they don’t  receive payment within 24 hours after booking, and this as it where could lead to your visa refusal. Ensure you don’t spend lots of money while you are booking for your hotel reservations when you have not received your visa.

Coloured copy of all previous Schengen visas (if applicable).
A typed and signed sheet bearing the name, date of birth, place of birth, passport number, telephone number, email, postal address and contact in Germany (name and address).
Letter of introduction from applicant’s employer.

Leave letter from applicant’s employer.

Bank stamped and signed personal bank statements of the applicant for the last three months.

Applicant’s pay slip for the last three months.

Guarantor’s form that has been signed by the inviting friend or relative of the applicant in

Germany as issued by the Aliens Authority in Germany.

Copy of the passport and page of the inviting person in Germany with a residence permit.

Marriage Certificate issued by marriage registry or wedding pictures and affidavit of facts if

traditionally married (this is not for frequent travellers).

Birth certificates of children (minor) even if they will not travel.
If going on a family visit, the applicant must provide proof of relationship – such as birth certificates of the inviting relative in Germany (photocopy) and applicant (original and photocopy). Affidavit or declaration of age is unacceptable.
A prepaid envelope by any major courier service to return passport and original documents.

If applicant is a minor, he must provide the following documents:

Birth certificate
Letter of school confirming current enrollment and sanctioning leave of absence.
Consent letter from both parents regarding child’s travel.
Copy of parent’s passports.
Death certificate (If one parent is deceased).
Court order regarding child’s custody (if parents are divorced).

Please note:

While you are applying for the German Victors visa application, you will be encountering a little difficulty. There is no course for alarm. Just keep trying. This is caused by heavy traffic on the portal.

Please note that there is a visa fee you will have to pay upon the submission of your application. The charges, as mentioned on the official website of Germany Embassy, is N13,000 but we advise our audience to go with N20,000 to avert any unwarranted circumstances. The Visa fee is not fixed.

Supplementary information or evidence may be requested.

You can drop your comments on the comment box for further information.

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