5 Tips On How To Get a Job Abroad From Nigeria

5 Tips On How To Get a Job Abroad From Nigeria

These days, finding a job out Nigeria has become one of the most trending issues around. Notably after the recent Political party took the helm of affairs. Actually, the reason for it has not been the fault of any political party as such but it has been lingering on for years now. The difference now, is simply the fact that it has become more predominant in this era.

Seeking for a job abroad has landed so many persons into what we call “one chance”. Many have been defrauded yet thousands are still plying that route. And those have become the main reason I have decided to come up with this publications. In one of my many seminars. I shared these 5 Tips to Help You Get a Job Abroad from Nigeria, and trust me, I am still receiving calls from participants of how it has helped them.  So today, please pay attention as i will be showing you the 5 Tips to Help You Get a Job Abroad from Nigeria.

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The reasons why this article will come handy for graduates who need to get a job abroad from Nigeria is because i have had the privilege question people who were fortunate to get a job abroad from Nigeria. From the tips they gave to me, indeed I saw the need to talk about it. Because what many have been doing and are still doing is a waste of time. Trust me, this article will be of immense help to you. These guys did give me some excellent 5 Tips to Help You Get a Job Abroad From Nigeria, which I will be disbursing for your consumption.

How To Get a Job Abroad From Nigeria

Let no man deceive you. When you acquire a job in a foreign land like Australia, Canada etc, their pay and better work environment are quite the best over what Nigeria can offer. My brother in-law’s friend who relocated with his family to Canada from Nigeria, resigning from the job they where all doing here, has currently finished his duplex here in Lagos and have gotten lots of investment too.  Same job, different country resulting to different pay. Don’t get me wrong, there are few jobs that are better off here in Nigeria than those in overseas. But who gets that job? Those with connection.

So getting a job and working in a foreign country has its own advantages in anyone’s professional development and finances too. Many people do have their reasons why they want to get a job oversees. Some are planning to make it a permanent stuff while others want to make it a temporal issue. Just work and return back to Nigeria.

When you work in a foreign country, you are referred to as an expatriate and trust me; it’s not a joke at all. It must be taking with high level of seriousness. Mind you, there are countries that have more advanced technologies than Nigeria, so you need to be ‘special’ to get hired if at all you will be hired. People still believe that by throwing your resume to various foreign companies through some sites and expect a call, still works? Nope. It doesn’t work that way anymore. This is what i see lots of Nigerian graduates do. Throw in their resumes to many foreign job sites and hope to get a call back. Please note that the foreign job market doesn’t work that way.

The question on people’s mind has been why are Nigerian graduates seeking employment elsewhere? It’s a simple straight up answer you gonna have. It’s due to the economic situations in Nigeria which have frustrated so many of Nigerian graduates and now all they could do now is to seek employment options in rising market, such as Dubai, United States, Europe, and the Oceanic countries. Though it’s very exciting to get a job overseas but doing it the right way happens to be the best thing that you could ever have done.

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Let’s look at the 5 Tips to Get a Job Abroad from Nigeria

How To Get a Job Abroad From Nigeria

  1. Target Countries with Shortage of Skilled Labour

In seeking for a country where you want to submit your CV, you must first check for Countries with low population and labour market. These countries should be considered first. For countries like these, you stand a better chance of securing a job. These countries are usually more open to accepting workers from countries like Nigeria than countries with a surging labour market and working class population. So you must set your priority right.

Many people often make the mistake of wanting to get a job in the United States, Uk, France or Germany. Well, your chances are very low. You stand getting a job at a rate of 0.01%. Though, having a job in such countries sounds more interesting and tempting.

The question boils down to, why the struggle to get a job in these aforementioned countries with a surging working class population, when there are other countries that that can o9ffer you good paying jobs with a better salary package?

Let me list some of these countries to you. Oman, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Kuwait, Canada, Denmark, and etc. These countries do have well organized packages that enable foreigners to come into the country as skilled workers. These job offers from these countries do have their own special requirements, and all you need to do, is to make your research on it. Truth must be told. I have seen many Nigerians who get these jobs in these foreign countries with little or no stress.

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  1. You Should Have Great Skill-Sets

There are no two ways about this. To have job offer from the aforementioned countries, you should posses one or two skills. This will make your employment process very easy. Most of these countries that I listed above, will only accept workers with great skill sets. Whether graduate or not, as far as your skill is listed in the skill-shortage list, then you are good to go.

I would advise you go for special training on Technology. Those that make it to getting the job are usually those from the Information Technology skills set. As we all know, Information Technology. Is taking centre stage in the world today and many foreign firms and companies are open to accepting people with such skills from the information world.

A year ago, two of my friends who do have knowledge in Software Engineers were called up by a German firm to come work for them. Though he applied for it and in less than three months, others where history.  The beautiful part of it was that it was an all-expense paid employment. I have seen hundreds of people leave the shores of Nigeria for a better paying job in overseas other than I. T jobs but usually those from the information technology do get it fast and sharp. Just in case you don’t know, there are so many other skills that get attention. So go get them.

  1. Align Your CV with the Country’s Standard

Now, there are different ways CVs are written and it varies from country to country. You should know the very type of CV a country and a firm prefers. So you must do your research very well and ensure you are asking the right question too.  So ensure you comply with the standard of such a country while penning your CV.

Since most of the Jobs you may be seeking for are basically in Europe, then you might as well use the European format. If you want to have that sample, kindly make a request to this mail. Chapatti2025@gmail.com

We have discovered that coming up with such CV, might be very tasking but the result is worth it if you can strike a balance between your skills and the country you wish to apply to.

Your CV should be sent alongside a cover letter that clearly explains two things;

  • Why you should be hired above their nationals
  • Why you wish to leave Nigeria and work in their country.

How to get a job in Canada from Nigeria

That’s all you need in regards your CV. Just get application to sound great and your skills are top notch, be rest assured of getting a call back from any firm.

  1. Experience and Educational Level Matters a lot

I often tell people this. Getting a job abroad from Nigeria is quite simple but two things would stand you out and also aid you.

  • Your Experience in your field
  • Your Educational level.

But for those who are applying for an internship programme which is lot easier, you don’t need the two aforementioned aids.

  1. Online Application is great, but Offline is better

Though this might be money consuming but it is surely the way forward if you will get your dream job. You can get a job from Nigeria to an oversee country but trust me, it becomes faster and easier when you step your feet in the country of your choice. When you have the experience and the skills to match your CV, putting up a physical presence will help you faster and easier too.

Please also note that it is very easy to get a business Visa of 3-months, which will give you time to scout for jobs in your country of choice than any other kind of visa. This has been what I have been advising people to do and it has turned out to be a hundred percent guarantee. It works like magic. Before your 3 months visa expires, you can renew it over and over again.

Using agents is more or less easy to do stuff, but you must be careful in doing so because some agents are scams and truly they will eat you dry. But if you get a reliable agent with good connections, then your job has been made easier and with that, you are good to go.

Soon, i will be coming up with some of the skills that can help you achieve your dream of working abroad so just subscribe and be sure to read it when I post.

How To Get a Job Abroad From Nigeria

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