Top 5 Easy Jobs to Get in Nigeria – how to get job in Nigeria

Top 5 Easy Jobs to Get in Nigeria – how to get job in Nigeria

Many a time, we have seen graduates who could not get their dream jobs, still lingering around the streets searching for an endless job offer. Well, i think, with this article at your disposal, you will be off the street. But just note that these easy jobs to get in Nigeria are only going to act like a life saver for you. They are not the real deal but you could build on it. For those who must have stayed at home for a long time without landing any job, then I suggest you consider some of these jobs listed in this publication. I am not making this article for you to create a career path around the job, but it would help you remain active, make money solve basic needs and build on.


Many graduates sure want to get that high paying 6 digit salary and trust me, we all know that not everyone would be so lucky to get that kind of a job. Some want to work and raise capital and start up their own business but the dream jobs are not forth coming. This cases are usually so frustrating that most times, we end up giving up on our dreams.

A friend of mine once said that to get a  job in Nigeria is already a full-time job on it’s own. The reason he gave was that the unemployment rate in the country is surging so high on a daily basis. In getting a job here in Nigeria, there are series of techniques that would be employed else you will end up repeating the cycle.

In most cases, it might be your poorly written resume that causes the delay, so I suggest you get a well-written CV that would help in this process I am about to outline for you in this article. So if you don’t have a job yet, I suggest you consider any of the following easy jobs I am about to list out now.  Please note that in getting this job shouldn’t be your final bus-stop but should act like a stepping stone .

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What are the easy jobs to get in Nigeria?

Marketing Jobs

I no some of you will yell “hell No!” but trust me, this does not apply to Nigeria alone. Research have indicated that one of the easy jobs to get anywhere in the world is marketing.  This is still very much surprising to me. Well, am gonna show to you some of the reasons you should go for a marketing job in Nigeria. But first i must tell you the exact reasons why companies are in search for marketers.

The purpose of a company is to produce and sell. But how would they sell when their products are not known. So companies are looking for anything that would help them increase their market share and value to the ordinary buyer on the street. So this is where marketers comes in.

It usually starts when a company launches a new product. Now they are looking for people to help them market their products. And through marketing, they can heat their market audience. Now lets look into some of the sectors that do employ marketers in large quantity;

  • Insurance
  • Financial
  • FMCG
  • Information Technology

These are but a few sector that do employ marketers in large quantity. Well, you don’t actually need a degree or vast experience to acquire such a job. All that is needed is your availability. So you require little or no experience for application. When you get the job, various forms of training will be organized for all applicants and these training will help bring you up to speed with your work ethics and how targets will be met once and am still a network marketer with BF SUMA. It has been a blessing to me. In fact i started with little or no capital and i have received more a million naira in successive times. You can join one. I am also part of the “forever living group” If you are interested, drop your email on the comment box and i will help you get one and guide all through.

Educational Instructor

Now i have offended many. But just hold on before you walk out on me thinking i have asked you to become a primary school teacher. Just get these facts first about the teaching job.

  • Educational Instructors otherwise known as teachers are high in demand
  • It is your level of tutoring that depends on your skills and what you have to offer
  • Please note that some Educational Instructors earn above 200k monthly – depending on the knowledge you have.
  • Just in case you don’t know, some of the ICT instructors earn above 150k monthly in major institutes. You can ask.
  • I have seen primary, secondary institutions in Lagos especially in Lekki that pay their teachers above 70k monthly.

The koko is that, you should no something and be able to transfer such a knowledge and that is all you need to know and trust me, you will be to the bank monthly. So don’t ever think is about just teaching either primary education, secondary etc. But whatever you can teach and you should be able to pass such a knowledge and trust me, the sky is just a starting point.

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Software/Application Developers

Well, many people have always neglected this particular sector by chasing shadows. But this is very lucrative in it’s own way. All it requires is that you  have the skills to perform.

All that a Software/Application Developers focuses, is building applications and software that helps solve real-life problems. If you no what you are doing, you won’t have an issue getting a job as a software developer here in Nigeria. Since many people neglect this sector, we still have but a few people in t so you can be of help to yourself by applying for such a job.

Receptionists/Front-desk Officer

Many people usually think that this kind of a job is meant for just female folks alone. Nah. Both men are inclusive. Just apply and trust me, in less than 72 hours, you are there. You could get a pay of about 80k for this. At times the way they recruit receptionists in Nigeria, you will be wondering if that is the only job in Nigeria.

Research have indicated that the demand for receptionists in Nigeria is very much on the high side. Doesn’t mean you can just pick b anyhow. All you need to do s have the following before applying for the job

  • Excellent communication ability – writing and oral
  • Beauty
  • Presentable
  • An educational qualification.

Models/Video Vixens/Ushers

For me, this is one of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria to get despite been easy to get. Many have also streamlined this job to the female gender. This is a high paying job and you don’t need any educational qualification to get the job.

Getting these kinds of aforementioned job, you have to join companies that offer such services. It would help you get jobs easily than when you start sourcing for the jobs yourself.

If you build the right contact and connections or network, then you are good to go.



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