How To Apply For Greece Student Visa From Nigeria

How To Apply For Greece Student Visa From Nigeria

How To Apply For Greece Student Visa From Nigeria – Applying for a student visa in various countries differs from each other. Now if you have read the other publication I did on how to apply for student visa in Poland and that how to apply for student visa in Turkey, you will observe that they differ in terms of their application requirement and trust me, this is how it is with other countries. But the difference is slightly not much.

The very reason I have decided to come up with such an article is because many people have fallen into the hands of fraudsters who have promised them visas for various countries but ended up being duped by these same fake agents. So I will not have you ignorant of these and be a victim. Applying for Greece student visa is not as tasky or difficult as many have thought. I have been able to help many secure student visas in various countries without any issues at all. What I told them is exactly what I want to share with you now.

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In this article, the following questions will be answered. They are

How to apply for Greece student Visa from Nigeria?

Greece student Visa requirements

How much to get Greece visa from Nigeria and Greece visa fees

I know these and many questions are in the hearts of many who do wish to study in a Greece university. There are other questions that comes to mind too when trying to apply for a Greek student Visa and they are

Information about Greece visa application form

Greece visa appointment or Greece embassy in Nigeria. These questions and many more will be answered. All you need do, is to ensure that you read through this article and if there are questions bordering you, please do ask me by dropping it on the comment box and trust me, i will communicate the answers to your email directly.

How To Apply For Greece Student Visa From Nigeria

Study In Greece Overview


How To Apply For Greece Student Visa From Nigeria


For those of us who could still remember, Greece is the birthplace for modern education. Infact, Greece is widely regarded as the intellectual wellspring to which modern Western culture owes many of its linguistic, philosophical, cultural, legal, social and ethical beliefs and systems. Concepts of individualism, freedom, democracy and government all have their roots in the great thinkers of Ancient Greece, whose ideas are still widely read and debated today up till this date.

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From our research team, we could gather that Greece boasts a total of 97 higher or tertiary educational institutions which are located throughout the country especially in the urban cities and centres. We also saw that these various institutions of higher learning takes care of the needs of over 100,000 students of Greek nationality as well as international students who come into country for learning. Research have indicated that many Nigerian students actually do want to make Greece is a dream country for studies. And trust me; this article will help bring that dream into reality.

How To Apply For Greece Student Visa From Nigeria

Like i have told you earlier on, there are slight differences in the applications of students’ visas in various countries but as it where, there are also areas of similarities too. For example, you will need a student visa to enter any country for studies both Poland, Greece, Slovakia etc. I have always told you in my previous articles that the kind of Visas you want will be determined by what you are going to do in Greece. For those who are going for a business trip or as a tourist, or on visitation or for study, you will need a category of visa respectively for these cases. You won’t be given same Visa for business trip and for studies. Nope so the application procedures will now be different based on the purpose you are making this trip. For those who are applying for a student visa, the kind of visa that will be given to you will grant you the leverage to study in Greece.

The first step in applying for a Greece student Visa is to look around online or through a person to secure an admission in any Greece higher institution of your choice. This you can do by either searching online for schools of your choice that offers the same course you do wish to study. You still can search for schools that have a relatively low school tuition fees which you could easily afford.  Now you can apply for an admission in that institution of your choice. Once the institution offers you an admission, you will be required to take the documents and pay a visit to any Greece embassy Close to you. Please ensure you apply in person not through any proxy scheme. Below are the Greece Student Visa Document Requirements

You will be requested to present some documents to the consular officers during the application process. Below are the documents you need for your Greece student Visa application:


  1. A complete application


  1. A valid International passport with at least 6 months validity after the study period in Greece.


  1. One passport photo that must be recent and clean.


  1. Official acceptance letter of the institution where you will be studying.


  1. A medical certificate


  1. Criminal record from the federal police and National criminal record.


  1. Proof of financial means for the duration of your stay. You need to present an evidence that will prove you can take full care of yourself.


  1. Proof of international health insurance for the duration of your stay


For your insurance plan to meet the Schengen visa health insurance requirements, it must include the following:


The insurance company must have a representative office in Europe

Medical evacuation/ repatriation coverage of at least euro 30,000

Insurance must be valid for the duration of stay in the Schengen countries

Embassy of Greece in Abuja


Address : 24 Agadez Street, Wuse II, Abuja

E-mail :



That’s all you need. Just follow the above instructions and trust me, you are good to go. I If you have any questions, please drop it at the comment box and I will send your answers to your email box directly.

How To Apply For Greece Student Visa From Nigeria

Thanks so much for reading.

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