5 tips on How to become a successful Musician in Nigeria

5 tips on How to become a successful Musician in Nigeria.

5 tips on How to become a successful Musician in Nigeria – have seen many talented singers who have all it takes to be at the top of the music industry in Nigeria waste away. Most times it has nothing to do with the witches in your villages or anyone troubling you. You just have to follow the rules and trust me, you will be there. For those who are very much talented in singing, or other aspect of the music industry and would want to be become a successful Musician in Nigeria, i have written down 5 How to become a successful Musician in Nigeria. You may be wondering why i decided to add Nigeria to the topic. Now the music industry in Nigeria has it’s own pattern and if you must be successful in it, you must understand how it goes and just by playing by the rules, you will become a successful Musician in Nigeria.


There are some concepts that needs clarification before we can dive into the 5 tips to become a successful Musician in Nigeria. And these concepts are Music and Musician.

5 tips on How to become a successful Musician in Nigeria

What is Music – Some years back, while i was in the university, i happened to have attended a few classes on music in the music department of Delta State University in Abraka. At one of our classes we where asked what music was. And many gave their various answers. Some said it’s a collection of sounds, some said it’s the production of sounds. But our lecturer made a profound definition of what music is and right at that moment it became clear as to the reason why some of us really will seldomely play a particular kind of song. According to him, Music is the production of sounds that is pleasant to the ears. For example, not all sounds being produced usually make any pleasant noise. There is something i would want us to understand in his definition. Sounds that sounds pleasant to the ears. It there means that there are people who do make sounds but they are not in anyway pleasant to the ears and they think they produced music. And that is why many singers in the music industry have faded away like the stars of the morning. So, as you are reading this, ensure you understand what you are going into so that you can have the tenacity to last forever in the music industry. We have seen lots of people come and go and when you decide to research why they haven’t a inch in the industry, you will discover that these ones know absolutely nothing about what music should be.

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5 tips on How to become a successful Musician in Nigeria

Musician – In the contest of this article, a musician is one who sings or as it where is one who plays any kind of instrument though most times we call the later instrumentalist. Statistics have shown that hundreds of young and talented people flock into the music industry on a daily basis. Now you are wondering how i knew about this. Lindaikeji usually promotes music of some these young talents and many do place their music advert on her blog and that of other entertainment blog. So we could track how many how many come in on a daily basis. But the question is this. Is the Nigerian music industry big enough to be able to handle them as they come in? Yes, if you have asked that question, trust me, you have asked the real question. One thing you must know is that, Nigeria is a big country. A country that has over 1.7 million youths and almost 30 million adults. So whatever kind of music you intend to go into, trust me, you have audience for them. But that is not to say that as they troop in the music industry, they are gonna last an inch. Nope. It doesn’t go that way. Because some have come in through the front door and left almost unnoticed through the back door. Which means not all of them will make it out of the music industry with their heads high up. The reason is quite simple. I have always told my audience that talent is not just enough. There are things that you quite require to make you go up the ladder and become successful. and that is the sole reason for this article. Because we have done research regarding the how you can become a successful Musician in Nigeria. Should ensure you read this publication if you desire to become a successful Musician in Nigeria.

5 How to become a successful Musician in Nigeria

There are lots of things to consider as to become a successful Musician in Nigeria. It’s a hard line matter. Nope. Infact it’s just being creative and lots of other simple stuffs and trust me, you are there. Now we will be sharing with you guys the very 5 tips to become a successful Musician in Nigeria. As you read on, feel free to ask me any question you deem fit and drop the questions on the comment box. Now let’s discuss the 5 tips to become a successful Musician in Nigeria. They are listed below.

  1. Develop Your Skills – Talents are never just enough to become the success you ever have dreamed of. Someone may have told you that you singer like the stars of the heavens, or that your voice have a way of making him or her go gaga doesn’t mean others really want to hear it that way. You must place value on your ability by going the extra mile to develop it. Some of us are carried away by the fact that we are the lead singers in our church or perhaps we are the very best singer in our school and therefore decide not to develop what they have. Let me shock. Thousands out there have this same ability in a more unique way and yet they are heaven bent on developing what they have and you should have no excuses not doing same. Just by being the lead soloist in your congregation is just not enough to take you there. Have you noticed that the richest super stars in Nigeria are usually those who do not have the finnest voice? The likes of Olamide, Phyno, etc. These ones don not have the finest voice that would have make them the super stars they are today but trust me, the little they have they developed it.


My advise is that you get better at what you do. The competition is very much high over there and only the best can be seen off the river shore. Now, you take out time and go the extra mile to developing your skills and how do you do that? By taking courses that have to do with music. Do more of rehearsals with good singers. Go for shows and offer to sing for free. When you are done, be humble enough to get feedback because that will make you access your performance. Train yourself musically. Sing on various pitches and notes you have never done before and keep doing so and trust me it will surely pay off. later on, i will tell you of a friend who once went through the ladder and today he is a nation wide music artist.


  1. This may not sound well for many but trust me, it will go a long way to help out. You must understand the kind of market you are going into before you venture your feet into it. The question should be this… What is the music market like in Nigeria? What kind of songs do really sell in Nigeria? Trust me, if you are capable of providing answers to these questions, you almost there. Nigerians love dancing. Nigerians are not the blues or classical music people and if you will make it in popularity, then you must go the usual way and trust me, money you gonna make. Produce hits songs that favours the market you are getting into. Like we all know that Nigerians love afro beats, naija hip hip etc. So when you decide to go into the music industry, just ensure you put these into consideration. Remember that, catchy lyrics are also of importance. But the funniest thing is that, in Nigeria, lyrics really don’t matter what matters is the beats or instrumentals. So ensure that you do songs that centres on love, beef, lust, party and most especially money and that is how the likes of phyno and the rest have succeeded in making it to the top of the music industry ladder. So get to work and ensure that you curve songs in this direction. I personally wont want to be too okay with this system and i will tell you the simple reason i have said so later on as you read on. But the good thing about this is that you become so so famous because you have given them what you want and the money and endorsement deals start flowing in.


  1. I have seen many upcoming artist make the mistake of putting all their eggs in one basket. You must have another job or another source of income. That does have to do with 5 How to become a successful Musician in Nigeria so many people will ask. Yes it has a whole lot to do. Now, many a time, so many persons who are going into the music industry usually don’t bother to get a job and due to this, they can’t foot their bills or the necessary things money can do to push their music to another level. For real, you have another source of income until music pays off for you.


Now it is very important to get a university degree and get yourself a decent job while you chase after your music career. The reason is this. Most of you don’t like the truth. But am gonna say it. Many people would ask, did Davido go to the university, did Wizkid get a university degree, was Pantoranki not a rat poison seller before he rose to stardom? Wizkid did go to school. Davido is a graduate of the famous Barcock university and a product of their music department. Pantoranki too was but did you observe that he was doing something ( rat poison) before he finally went up there? See, if you don’t have a decent job, how you gonna pay for studio time when you want to record a song? How you gonna pay for recording your songs? So get to work and surely it will pay off. Why you should do this is because there is pride in independence so one day, no one would say he helped up there.


  1. There is what we call “Cover” This is so so instrumental in the music industry. Now, if you are gonna do a music cover, you do a hit song as a cover not a song that has barely hit then street running. And i would advise that you be brilliant to do hit cover songs. No wonder the likes of Banky W made it to stardom. Remember the cover song he did? “Ebute Meta” which was a cover song for Under my umbrella by Rihana. If you make the mistake of using a whack song foe your cover video or audio, trust me, it may take years to come out into limelight and that may just nail you to the ground. Many may see this as a copy right but you must understand that there are lots of things you ,must understand in the music industry and that is the fact that cover are legitimately legal. So get to work and blow yourself to stardom.


  1. Be very creative in a controversial style. Now let me say this. You must at all times be very creative. Most artist today, came into limelight either by getting into unnecessary issues with other top top artists. For real there was no quarrel but he figured that it one way he will be noticed. And that is the truth. Get to being creative with your music. Sometimes just be a unique personality by your dress code. Be known a particular dress code and trust me, it will get people talking about you. Sometimes when you sing, just in one line or two hit on a top star and trust me, he too will in his subsequent release do same thing and by so doing all his fans are head hills over the guy who got their man on his feet. We have seen many artists today who became very popular just because of beef they had with other top musician. And this beef was never in existence in the first place but it’s a strategy and a brilliant one for that matter.


  1. Sign a record deal. If you will grow and become the dream music star you ever wanted, then you must get signed by some the best music record label. But getting signed by these record labels are usually not easy. Because, there are usually criteria for doing this. You can’t just walk up to any record label and be signed. Nope. Things liken this don’t just work that way. You must have done your home work and pay your dues by so doing, you are sure to make it upon there. What are the functions of record labels? They help you manage your talents and present to you opportunities you would not have seen ordinarily. The likes of D’banj and Reekado banks would never have made it to the top if they where not signed by mohits and Marvin crew respectively. Koredo below was nowhere to be found until a record label company marvi did sign him. Always realise one thing. These guys are good in their own capacity and that is one thing that also played well for them. Take a look at Kiss Daniel today. He was absolutely nothing in the music industry until G worldwide found him. But he was and is still very much talented. He surely must have paid his musical dues in terms of rehearsals and other stuffs and today he reaping every benefit there in. What are you waiting for? Keep paying your dues and surely one day, you will be spotted by big record labels and that would just be what you are looking for.


  1. Many people have yet to understand that music is business. Yes they need to be taught. You must learn the act of network marketing your music brand. You and you alone must first see what others are not seeing. Get to understand that music is all about having a strong fan base. How do you grow your audience? How do you grow your fan base? you can do this through networking. This means you must devise a means by which you can sell yourself. Get to work. Organise some free events. Go the extra mile attending shows and seeking for space to perform. every one shows in ten will give you a yes and trust me, you have added to your fan base as long people are there listening to your music. I remember telling that i would share a story with you guys at the beginning of my article. My friend, mercy Ade then in Benin, was a very good singer. Best in our local church. One day we discussed how we could help her become popular. I was the church’s keyboardist then and we decided to be visiting various programms and applying for space. Most shows and churches turned us down but some did and that was how it started and surely she became popular that one record label from Europe through her friend signed her. She also went to music school over there too but the good thing is that networked herself to stardom.

Another area you should look into is to do collaborations with top top artists. Make friends with them. Future them in your music and they too inturn will return the favour. Don’t ever think you alone can make it to the top.


  1. Be a pioneer. No man ever make it to the top by following the usual trend. In all that you do, be the best because no one ever remembers who came out second not even the second man that flew airplane or climbed man Everest. I have come to realize that in today’s ever fast paced world, if you are not the leading then you are left behind. Success can’t be achieved by wishful thinking. All that needs be done must be done. Try and make your own brand, develop it and ensure you hold on to it till that once a dream becomes a reality. Routine is the enemy of the pioneering spirit. Be a pioneer. At all cost, avoiding the routine frame of mind and adopt a creative frame of mind to achieve success. Make your own brand out what is already existing. No man leaves a footprint working in another man’s lane. Be creative and see how successful you become.


I actually said 5 tips to become a successful Musician in Nigeria but i ended up with 8 tips to become a successful Musician in Nigeria. it’s okay. Just get to work and that’s all that is needed. Put all that i have shared with you here to work and you will see how simple success could ever be.

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