Richest Rapper in Nigeria 2018 – Top 10 Richest Rappers in Nigeria 2018

Top 10 Richest Rapper in Nigeria 2018

Rapper in Nigeria 2018 – There are usually yardsticks used in measuring the stats like this. For example, when talking about the Richest Rapper in Nigeria 2018, you don’t jump into conclusion based on the popularity of such an artists. Nope.It goes way beyound that.  And this is the reason am gonna be discussing the Richest Rapper in Nigeria 2018 as it ought to be and I will be outlining the criteria used in its measurement.

These artistes income do come from shows and tours, endorsement deals, Music labels and sales of their albums and this have seen them win series of awards locally and globally. Recently we could see Forbes rating many as being the richest and fastest musician in Nigeria 2018.

So now, we all know the criteria for rating the Richest Rappers in Nigeria 2018. Now let’s dive straight into the very list of the Richest Rapper in Nigeria 2018

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  1. Olamide

Well, this should not come as a surprise to many because even the blind can see how rich he is. Spanning from his endorsement deals, his fee collection from shows and tours, sales of album etc, we could understand why he is so rich.  Olamide is the richest rapper this 2018. In six years, Olamide has released six albums altogether.  His first album if you still can remember is still making waves around the country. The founder and CEO of one of Nigeria’s most established record label, YBLN, is an influential personality to the core. The street of Lagos is painted with his songs and Children have all idolized him.  His best and closet ally, Phyno, have together featured in many music. He have featured many artists and rappers too like davido, faz etc. He is estimated to be net worth $12 million.

  1. Phyno

The entire east may not agree to this list because they all think and believe that Phyno Obago should be the richest rapper in Nigeria. But analysis and research have indicated otherwise. So phyno is the second richest rapper in Nigeria 2018. No doubt, Phyno is the best Igbo rapper in Nigeria currently, making the likes of dat N*gga raw, Slow Dog and other rappers of Igbo descent in Nigeria second best to him. Well for me, dat nigga raw is the best Igbo rapper o. His punch lines have actually stood him out and Phyno is not just a rapper but a good singer who sings very well apart from just rapping. His current net worth is estimated at $10 million.

  1. M.I

Some time ago, M I was actually the richest Rapper that have graced the Nigerian music industry and trust me he was worth it at that time. That cannot be said about him now because his stocks have dropped in recent years in the Nigerian music industry which did affect his net worth. For me, he remains the best Rapper in Nigeria because you could hardly tell if it’s a foreign Rapper singing or a Nigerian. He was signed to chocolate city, and he has won multiple awards which includes a MTV Africa Music Award in 2009. M I has taken part in lots of competitions and gained international recognition for his excellent works. In the years 2012, M I was appointed United Nations Goodwill Ambassador. With his Endorsement deals and lots of assets and properties, he has been estimated to net worth $8 million.

  1. Reminisce

Many people may not really know him but trust me, he is sure one of the richest rappers in Nigeria2018 He is also a songwriter. Some persons have argued that he sure should be the best Rapper we have in Nigeria but i don’t think so for the now. Trust me, his time will sure come. Many have likened him to Da grin and that he deserves more than this spot but trust me this is where he merited to be on the list of the 2018. Research has indicated that Reminisce is estimated to net worth $7 million.

  1. Falz

Are you surprise? Are you wondering why Falz is on the list of the richest rappers in Nigeria? Yeah over some time, he has been doing so well and that is the very reason why he is on the list. You might be wondering while Falz the bad guy is doing on this list. As of last two years, Falz was an upcoming artist but as at today, Falz is the fifth wealthiest rapper in Nigeria and trust me he deserve it. He is a lawyer by profession; his father, mother, and wife are all lawyers. But music is his calling. He was estimated to have net worth $4 million. He is also an R and B star. A comedian who do feature on the popular TV Series, Jenifas Diary and has won various.

Below is the other list of the richest rappers in Nigeria 2018.


  1. Naeto c with a net worth estimated at $3.5 million.


  1. Lynxxx with a net worth estimated at $3 million.


  1. Vector with a net worth estimated at $ 2 million


  1. Ice Prince with a net worth estimated at $ 2 million


  1. Lil Kesh with a net worth estimated at $1.5 million.

Those are the names of the Top 10 richest rappers in Nigeria 2018. While Olamide remains the Rapper in Nigeria 2018.

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