How to join Nollywood – How To Join the Nigerian movie industry

How to Join the Nigerian movie industry. How to join Nollywood.

How to join Nollywood – For a very long time now, i have been working on this article. Really want to give people who have seen acting as their careers a chance of making it to the top top acting echelon. Now for those who really want to be part of the acting industry of Nigeria and for those who do wish to be part of the Nigeria Nollywood industry should ensure they go through this publication. The reason is that, they will find in it on How to join Nollywood.

For so many persons have been trying their level best to be part of this industry and they have not been able to do so. Who do you blame? Is it the lack of information or is it the fact that the information being circulated are not factual enough? The gospel tryth is that many people have been getting the wrong information about how they can Join the Nigerian movie industry. And that is the very reason i have come up with this publication to assist everyone who desires to make their dream come through as regards the entertainment industry.

Acting as it where is an inbuilt thing. Making it in the entertainment industry is quite a simple matter on the lips but not on ground. The reason for this is that, gaining stardom in the music industry is really quite easier than it’s counterpart the Nigeria movie industry. This is due to many factors such as how connected a person is? And the fact that many producers would prefer to future regular faces than newbies in their movies etc. And that is why i came up with this article How to join Nollywood to outline various number of things that are prerequisite to joining the Nigeria movie industry.

 How to join Nollywood – As at today, acting is one of the most lucrative career in the world. Gone are those days where those who could act only ended up acting in churches or schools or classrooms but as at today it has made millions around the globe wealthy and influential. Think about it. Just by acting a role in a drama of about forty five minutes you are paid about 1.5 million naira? The good thing about it is that, you don’t have to stress yourself about it. All that you need do is is act and you are paid for doing so. For me, i love blogging alot. I love playing soccer too. But think about it? I am being paid for doing what i love doing? Awesome my friends. But with your talents and lack of information, you could as well loose everything. You must channel your talent to the right source and make a fortune out of it. And that is why this article is very important.

Make no mistake about this. You must have had some basic tenets of the movie industry or must have a clue about how to become a star in Nigeria before you can make the move of joining the Nigeria nollywood. So that you don’t end up losing it. But that is no problem at all because i have written down a power tool to help you overcome that. Ensure you read my article on How To Become A Movie Actress In Nigeria. With this knowledge, you can rest assured that you almost 90 percent sure of success in the Nigeria movie industry. You will thank me for this much later. Ensure you drop your question or comment at the comment box and trust me i will be on hand to answer your question.

Acting as it where, has made many what they are today. Many of you reading this publication must have wondered how they got there. Many of you can even do better than those you watch on TV but the question is how they got to where they are today. The answer lies in “Knowledge” but not just knowledge my friend. Knowledge is not power until it is applied only then can it be. If you make it in the Nigeria movie industry, trust me, you fame will be noised abroad because according to our research, Nigeria is the third largest movie industry in the world. America’s Hollywood and India’s Bollywood are first and second respectively. Just as many Hollywood stars are known all over the world same way Nollywood stars are known. That you can act or having the talent to act, is not just enough but trust me there are things that could make or destroy your career in that industry. Because i have heard many persons say ” if only i could act, i would be in the Nigeria movie industry by now.” Trust me, you are still thousands of miles away if you still think that way. Those who have made it to the top echelon of their acting careers went through lots of sacrifices and trust me, it paid off much later. How far are you willing to give for your dream? It’s more than just sitting at home watching a cinema.

There are sacrifices to be paid and i tell you, you must be willing to go the extra mile. Many who started went the extra mile and today they have become the dream they dreamed about years ago. Some who never had the inner motivation, those who thought the journey to success is just a stone throw, never made it out of the shadows. This article is about how you can be part of the third biggest movie industry in the world. The Nigeria movie industry also known as Nollywood. How Can you Join Nollywood, how can you register and be a part of Nollywood. In one of my publications, i described how much an upcoming actor or actress do earn per movie and how much an already established actor earn per role. For the up coming actors, they earn up to 150.000 naira to 500.000 per role. This is quite huge because, you get paid for doing what you would have ordinarily do for free because to some persons, it is their hubby.

Now, for the established actors or actresses, they earn up to 1 million naira to five million naira per role in a movie. Are you surprised? Yes they do. As at 11 years ago, mercy Johnson was earning 3 million naira per movie role. It doesn’t just end there because these actors are used for ambassadorial deals and over here they are paid much more than you could ever think. This should be a motivating factor to you.

Now of the criteria of becoming a nollywood movie star, is that you must first have develpoed the act of acting. Some persons are born with it while through some, hard work and learning are made perfect in the act. Even if you are born into acting, there is the need to polish your talent to be able to stand out and that is where we have various movie academy where talents are trained. It then means that the number criteria for joining the Nigeria movie industry, is that you must know how to act. Because that’s the only business you have with the industry.

As a potential Nollywod star, there is a need to build networks. Report Kiyasoki once siad this. ” Great men build network” and that is exactly what you ought to do. Let me tell you this. Those of us in the blogging industry, we have a way of building network through backlings. It means that when you have backlinks, it helps your blog be established. It works like this. Your network are your backlinks in most cases especially when you have networks of focus and serious minded persons who have same goals and aspirations with you. You have to build network of friends with those who have gone ahead of you and those who are at the level with you but are very serious about what they are doing. The reason for this is that, it will help you get first hand information in the Nigeria movie industry. These information may never be made available to the general public. A friend drew my attention to something sometime ago. He said ” have you noticed that banks don’t place advert of recruitment on billboards but there are always recruitment ongoing. One way you can build networks in Nollywood is by joining a reputable movie agency. By so doing, you must have been able to meet with top echelons in the industry. These agencies are usually not free to join. They are paid some quite huge amount of money before you are allowed to join them. If you can afford it, the better. Many people do not really know the functions of a movie agency. Their functions varies based on the agreement you have with them. For example one of a their primary function is to get you informations about latest auditioning and also provide you with different roles which could be at the start little roles but as you progress in the industry, bigger roles will be given to you.

Another criteria is that an actor must have developed his or her acting potentials. The other of my publication on how to be an effective actor in Nigeria, i share with us that talent is not just enough for the job. You develop it. Go for it. Take all your time and develop that which you have in your inside. For example, what is acting? It means portraying a character you are not. Sometimes you asked to portray a foreign character, speak a foreign language or behave in a manner you have never done in your entire life. That’s the beauty of it. When a role is presented to, you grab it and there you go. But when you have not developed your acting potential, forget it you will never last in the industry. Some of the benefits of these acting schools and academia is that, you will end up with a certificate and this could set you apart among many. You learn the art of memorizing lines and add some polishing to your acting. You become so different while you act. You don’t just act as others do but when you act, many producers gets interested in your acting.
Another advantage of joining these academia or movie academy, is that you become a professional in what you do. And again, your movie academy may also be a producing house and you could sure have an acting role or be informed of ongoing auditioning and this have placed you ahead of others.

Like i have always said, talents are not just enough. For those who know they are naturally talented about this whole deal, still needs to be part of these academia so that their acting profession can be polished and refined to stand the test of time. And again, you may as well, get a degree in theater arts in a reputable university. For example, Delta state university is one of the best schools if not the best school in Nigeria when it comes to such a matter. I would really recommend that. All potential actors or actresses must be guarded against fraudsters. Don’t be fooled into getting into a movie academy that are there to help downgrade your talent or defraud you. Because so many persons have fallen victims of this.

Auditioning is key. This because you can’t seat at home and expect a producer to come get you roles. Nope. You must make the move and you can do this by going for various auditioning. And trust me, if you are good, it won’t take long you are there. And that is the reason you should join an agency because they give you latest information about auditioning going on. And whenever they give you, make yourself available for it. Another thing worthy of note is location. It matters alot. You can’t be in Maduguiri and expect to be in Nollywood. No. It could only happen in a lifetime. You can’t leave in a village and expect to be a movie star from there. Nah. You must locate where lies the opportunities. For example, Lagos is the capital head of Nollywood in Nigeria and as such all potential and aspiring actors and actress are to come over to Lagos where there are usually constant auditioning. Because this will increase their chances of getting acting roles.

You must be resolute and believe in what you are in for. Others may not see it the way you are seeing it. But remember it is your dream not theirs. Make up your mind and never allow anything to hold you back. Never forget that attitude is all you need not just being talented alone. If you need contacts for reputable movie agencies in Nigeria that are quite affordable, then drop your request on the comment box.

How to join Nollywood

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