How To Become A Movie Actress In Nigeria 2018

How To Become A Movie Actress In Nigeria 2018

How To Become A Movie Actress In Nigeria – If there is anything anyone wants to be in naija today, it’s becoming a movie star in Nigeria. One thing is certain and that is this. There is nothing and i mean nothing that can stand in the way of a man’s will. The Nigeria movie industry is a large one. Most at times we may not even know how and where to go get the paid for in a movie. Let me shock you a bit. The likes of Mercy Johnson and Inie Edo, 8 years ago where paid 1.5 million naira per movie. This is excluding endorsement deals as it where that ranges from 5 million naira to 10 million naira. You see, for those who actually want to be a movie actress, and you do believe you have all it takes to make it to the top, this is your chance.

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I will be detailing to you the exact criteria you will be in need of to make your dream come true. On this article, i will talking about the following.

Motivational Words For would be actress

Where to find the right agency that can support your movie career

How join the actors guide of Nigeria. Register for your AGN identity card.

In as much as we want to help out in your quest to becoming what you desire, we must also warn you ahead of time to be very careful too. Because, we have seen how girls have been raped, how girls have been cheated upon by fraudsters in the name of searching for how they can become a movie actress in Nigeria. This publication will educate you on how you can make it to the top echelon of the Nigeria movie industry and have a successful career and my desire is that after going through this, you will become a household name in the movie industry just as we have the likes of Genevive Nnaji, Tomtom Dikeh etc. How To Become A Movie Actress In Nigeria 2018

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Well, you must be aware that fraudsters are on the prowl looking for whom they will devour. I tell you this, many desperate persons who want to make it to the Nollywood, have at one time or the other found themselves in the hands of these fraudster who either lure them to inhuman activities, or defraud them of huge cash, or some nefarious activities. Some have even lost their lives and this is one reason i would be very happy if you could through this article and apply that is talks about. Even at a point, we heard that some ladies do seek the numbers high profile actors and actress for help but these actors have used these ones to their own selfish advantages.

So be wise and be very careful. Though we have also seen a situation where these ladies do not really care if they will be se3ually abused so long it will land them in nollywood. Well, this article is not for people like that. The process of becoming a Movie actress in Nigeria is a simple one. It is not a rigorous one at all. For those who do want to be a movie actress, you understand that anything is possible to a man with a vision.

Many persons will tell you that all you need is your talent but trust me, you will need more than talent to make it to Nollywood. And it is called attitude. Your attitude is very key. Someone once said that, Attitude and not talent keeps you in the Job. There are lots of benefits one tends to have as a nollywood star and we will be discussing that in a minute before we dive straight into how you can become A Movie Actress In Nigeria.
As a movie star in the Nigeria movie industry, you stand to earn nothing less than 150.000 to about 600.000 per role. Yeah. This is excluding endorsement deals for those who are into ambassadorial jobs for other companies. These are for starters. But for those who must have had their names registered as big shots, they earn from 1.2m to 5m naira per role based on the movie and their particular budget. But you should also note that this outside the endorsement deals. This shows that, becoming a movie star in Nigeria is quite lucrative and there are lots of other packages involved which includes modelling and fame noised abroad.

Let’s do some analyses here regarding How To Become A Movie Actress In Nigeria 2018. For an upcoming star who happens to earn about N100.000 per role now act in 10 movies a year, that’s a million naira we are talking about. It might even grow bigger depending how fast you grow in the industry. But this have always been my advise to those who wants to go into acting and becoming A Movie Actress In Nigeria. That they don’t front money as a motivator. The money will surely come but first, you must build the fame and and the name then money will fall out. My question is this. “Are you into acting for the money or for the love of acting?” This is a vital question everyone needs to answer. If you are stopped been paid as an actor, will you still be acting? This goes to say that passion is very key to becoming A Movie Actress In Nigeria.

Now, another benefit of being in the Nigeria Movie industry is that you get to be noticed by big companies and products. This is where the real money comes from. Because these companies pay lots of cash to stars. Some stars are being signed up by big and giant telecom companies like GLO MTN OR AIRTEL. And if you get a contract job from any of these companies, then you are sure financial settled for life. And this is why is said money should never be your top priority when you want to become a movie star in Nigeria. What matters is that you grow yourself, and make the name and every other thing will be added unto you.

There is a growing trend in the entertainment industry. Many of these actors and actresses are currently being given political appointment. for example, it was hilda Dokubo, then it became Nkiru Sylvanus, to Mercy Johnson, to Ann Arinze etc. Most times these appointments comes based on the fact that politicians want to get all your fans attracted to them through you. But actually have watched you could do each time they watch you act and so invite such a one to be part of their political settings. Now, before this could become, then you must have been on the screen long enough and must have a well reasonable audience and only then can this come. Many persons have asked me why am i always associating politics and entertainment? Let me tell you this. Politics is a game of numbers. How did George Weah become the president to Serie Leon? How did Desmond Elliot become a member of the Lagos state house of Assembly? The fastest way up the political ladder in Nigeria currently is via the entertainment industry. Yul Edochie is a big shot as far as Anambra state is concerned.

Another very lucrative aspect of the Nigeria movie Industry is that, it portrays you to the outside world. There are some places you would naturally never enter in your entire life time but via the nollywood industry you are there. Nollywood is the third biggest Movie industry in the world and that alone could tell you what you stand to gain. You stand the chance of attending some of the biggest and finest events around the world. Places you could only dream of years ago now will become a reality before you. Many people have told me that, this to them is the best the industry could afford them. Events like red carpets, TV shows, reality shows, awards shows etc, you attend them all. Meeting of great personalities in this country and outside this country too. So you see? The benefits you stand to gain when you learn How To Become A Movie Actress In Nigeria 2018

With this in mind, i am pretty sure that many of you are ready to kick that start button. Well, this kind of enthusiasm is sure very good. But there is this question of How To Become A Movie Actress In Nigeria? Because if you don’t know how to go about it, you only wasting your time. Now before we jump into that, i would love to educate you on some important aspect of this. There are some aspect that needs to be checked upon before you go into this industry. And it is Talent. In this industry, Talent is key and very very key. Many persons have come into the industry through the backdoor either bribing their way into roles or via s3x. But trust me, those people have all been rusted away from the industry. So i will ask you. Do you have all what it takes to make it in the industry?

Many who must have been reading the benefits of being in the Nollywood industry, would sure tell themselves they have what is takes. Because of this we have seen how the industry have produced half baked actress and actors who can’t portray a simple act. Acting is being exactly what you are not sometimes it becomes simpler when you are given a role similar to that that have a similarity with your attitude. You need know if you can pretend to be what you are and people won’t find out? It has to flow from your inside as you do it. Can you interpret someone’s character exactly without having issues doing so. Well it is not just enough to say i say you have a positive answers to the two above question. But you must have in one area or the other acted before and someone else have to confirm this. You must have at one point in your life acted either in church, or in school. If yes, do you have any recorder of them? Did you make any records of them? If yes, then we are one way up.

The reasons for the clip thing is that, there is no better way presenting a resume than a documented video clip. Because in the movie industry, trust me a video clip may just be all you need. Yeah. People may not believe it but that’s the truth. Now let’s talk about How To Become A Movie Actress In Nigeria.

AUDITION – There are lots of auditions going on in the country and trust me not all of them are for real. But locate one and go for it. Do all you can to make yourself available for the audition because this is one way a producer or director can spot your talent out. It will shock that you may ever need. The likes of Mercy Johnson and Tomtom Dikeh came in through that process. But let me tell you this. One Auditioning may not just be all you ever need. You just have to be pushing it till you get it all done. I will drop a number here and you can contact it and ask them to keep you informed with latest Auditioning making the rounds.

Join An Registered Agency – This is the best way to get there. I have a registered Agency i have sent talents to and trust me they have they made up there. Not all because, most of them couldn’t get it right. Some where not talented enough or have an attitude issue. Well, i will refer you to them by dropping their phone number or better still their email address.
My advise here is this. When you contact a registered agency, most will charge for registration fee and then they will request you to send your video clips to them. If you know you are not prepared for it, don’t start because the registration fee is nonrefundable. But trust me, if you are talented, you are sure on your way there. Just go and make it happen at all cost.

Now for those who wants to know How To Become A Movie Actress In Nigeria 2018, Even if you are rejected one million times in your auditioning, don’t give up. Instead let it be your motivator. Millions are out there for same reason but if you must stand out, you must be extremely talented. You must build yourself to it. Be exceptional in all you do no matter what.

Please feel free to drop your comments about what you just read. If you have any concept of ideas regarding how How To Become A Movie Actress In Nigeria 2018, then let’s have your say.

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