7 Richest Fuji Musician In Nigeria 2018

7 Richest Fuji Musician In Nigeria 2018

Richest Fuji Musician In Nigeria 2018 – Will there be surprises this year as regards the Richest Fuji Musician In Nigeria 2018? Well, we are about to find out. But we have to do a little bit of analyses first to ascertain the criteria for the selection of the under mentioned Richest Fuji Musician In Nigeria 2018. I never knew the weight of fuji music until i relocated to the West. In fact, fuji music could be traced to the every blood veins of a yoruba man or woman which includes both youths, adults, and children. These fuji musicians have a way of making sure that the circular music do not chase them out of market.

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Now i see why Kiss Daniel once said that ” he style is both the music of foreign and fuji” and no wonder he has been the crown prince of the Nigerian music industry. You may never no what am talking about until you come to the land of Ejigbo, ikotun, Alakija, Surulere, Idimu etc and never hear songs from Phyno or Dat Nigga Raw but music from these Afro juju and fuji musicians. And these have made some them richest musicians in the Nigerian music industry. And as at today, i will be telling us who are the Richest Fuji Musician In Nigeria 2018 and trust me you will be amazed at their networth.

Let’s discuss a brief history of Fuji Music.

Fuji music as it where is very popular among the westerners in Nigeria a very popular music genre among the Yorubas. We have seen in recent times that the fuji brand of music is gradually changing it’s original status because as at nw, it is been mixed with the naija hip hop. This music genre was actuualy a waking call or alarm for muslim faithfuls before dawn who fasting during their Ramadam. The name it was known as was Ajisari. This Ajasiri pattern of music was made popular by Sikiru Ayindem AKA Barrister.

This music pattern first gained momentum in Lagos and later it would spread to other parts of the western states and as at today it has developed various pattern but on the long run, Mr Ayinde Barrister still remains the first pioneer of the genre that brought it to limelight.

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These Yoruba artists have been able to turn their music into revenue making machine and i tell you, you won’t believe that these ones are this superb rich. After all, if music is about producing sounds that is pleasant to the ears, then theirs too is full time music. For almost half a decad now, there have been some names that have remained top of the Richest Fuji Musician In Nigeria. Yeah, they have been able to retain top top spot in the industry. Meaning they where able to stay flexible to change and where also flexible to adopting the latest trend and being able to pioneer the industry. Now let’s discuss the list of the top 7 Richest Fuji Musician In Nigeria 2018.

1. Pasuma Wonder. For years now, he has occupied the first position of Richest Fuji Musician In Nigeria. Yeah and i will tell you how he has managed to keep to that effect. His style of music is not all round fuji but a mixture of circular pattern.He has changed the setting of the fuji music industry by making his style more appealing to a wider audience of both Yorubas and non Yorubas.

You can’t be a show where you have pasuma wonder perform and you get to move your body. He is the CEO of Wasber records a record label he singlehandedly created. As at 2018, his networth is 800 million naira. He has changed the concept of fuji music used to look like before and i tell you this is what it takes to be a pioneer in an industry. Don’t follow the usual routine or trend but be a pioneer.

2. K1 De Ultimate. These ones where the first pioneers of the fuji music industry. Despite the fact that he has been there for a long time now, he still has not fashioned out in the industry because among some top yoruba elite, he still is their preferred artists in shows. And i tell you, his charging fee is quite huge. One might have thought that age and time would have kicked him out of the music industry but he is still striving and making a big name for himself and still a role model for many upcoming yoruba fuji musicians. K1 De ultimate has gotten over fifty album tagged to his name. He has a staggering networth of about 780 million naira.

3. Abass Obere – With his solid fan base, he needs no introduction. A well popular figure among the yorubas. He started performing in the early 90s and up till date, he is very much relevant. A very controversial figure in the industry but continues to perform a the highest stage in the Fuji world. A highly sort after among elite yorubas and he is equally highly paid. He is estimated to worth over 550 million naira.

4. Saidi Osupa – Talking about the Richest Fuji Musician In Nigeria 2018, the list cant be complete without making reference to this great legend of the game. There was a time he was referred to as the king of Fuji music but trust naija, that never went down well with his rivals who viewd his performance not worthy of the fuji style. Well, you may not believe it, he is one of the best the Fuji world have produced. His passion for fuji music made him drop an illustrious engineering career for fuji music and he indeed have made a name for himself. Though he is new to the industry amongs his rivals, yet he manages to stay afloat them because of his passion.

5. Adewale, Ayuba – He recently, Adewale Ayuba turned from islam to Christianity and that made him even more popular. Yes more popular. In terms of good soundtracks, Ayuba stands out. In terms of great lyrics, Adewale Ayuba stands stall among his rivals. His touch of fuji music is a top top notch for many no wonder he commands a wider audience than his rivals. According to research, he is said to have estimated over 450 million naira. For being that young both in age and in the fuji music world, and still commands such a networth, then it’s just a matter of time and we will see him clinch the top top notch of the Richest Fuji Musician In Nigeria one day. This is his first time he has featured among the Richest Fuji Musician In Nigeria 2018.

Did we miss anyone or did we miss anything? Please share with us by dropping it on the comment box.

Thanks for reading.

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