How to become a music producer in Nigeria

How to become a music producer in Nigeria

For so many, being a music star is just all that is needed and then every other thing regarding music is nothing. Trust me, such a one knows nothing. Being a music producer, is one thing that is as much lucrative as being a music star. If you doubt me, ask the likes of Don Jazzy, Terry G etc and they will tell you better. Well, i have not come here to write about the life of a music producer maybe that will be in another article. But on this article today, i will be sharing with us, 7 Tips on how to become a music producer in Nigeria. Trust me, you will find this amazing and for those who wants to take up jobs as a music producer, then with this article, you are sure up to the hills. So diligently read through this publication.

Music producer requirements In Nigeria

How to become a music producer in Nigeria – First and foremost, we must understand who a music producer is, what are his duties and what he does being a music producer. A music producer is a person among many things in the music industry who is responsible for looking and also overseeing the whole activities that have to do with the process of music production. The question is what are the process. They include in them, writing, recording, artists performance, marketing, promotion etc of the entire music process. You, being a music producer is actually not just a mere joke it’s more than words. Passion is key. Just take note of that. Well, it does not end in the successful production of a music but also it has to do with the ensuring that a particular music be it an album or a single released hits the street running. Ensuring that they become successful.

Being a music producer is more being a lover of music. Some will tell you that they love music but since they where not gifted with good voice, then their calling would be music production. Yeah you are on point o. But trust me, it’s more than that. There are skills that are needed to be a successful music producer. Because as a music producer, you are responsible in making a piece of music till it reaches its final end product which is reaching the customer to which it was intended to reach. As a music producer, you are not needed alone for the name sake. You will be responsible for taking responsibility for certain jobs which includes the record engineer, you could as well be playing the job of the song writer, playing roles like admin which means that anything that have to do with the whole stuff, you are probably incharged.

I have constantly told my fellas that being a music producer, is more of a profession than what many are taking it to be. If all i just listed above are true and they are true, then it requires lots ideas and training to be able to get it right. And that is the reason i have come up with this publication on 7 Tips on how to become a music producer in Nigeria.

1. You Should Get A formal Education On Music – This is very very important to a potential music producer. The reason is this. Many are into it but how many of them are making the clear cut. Only few. Because some have taken the giant step and making a career out of their business. Get the knowledge from it. How do you do this? Get yourself enrolled in a university where they study music or a music academy where you can learn the basic tenets of what music and music production is all about. I will be sharing with us list of music academy in Nigeria in another publication. You can click here to read…. Now there are terms that are associated with music production that may mean nothing to the music star but to you, it means a whole lot. That you have passion for music production is basic but not just all that is needed to make the cut in the music production world. There is need for knowledge and that is where you stand out among your competitors. So music academic background is very much needed. These music academy teach music basically and from there you get to learn lots of terms associated with music. Delta state university Abraka is one of the best schools in Nigeria that have a well sophisticated music department. UNIBEN too is another one. You can check for other university that can do same.

2. Register Copy Right Organisation – Knowledge is key in this business. Now, many people are fond of copy and release another man’s music. And this is where many people’s creativity is lost. As a producer, you register with the copy right of Nigeria by so doing you are protecting the genuine music creation of your client. Let me quickly say this. When a music is sang, it is called an intellectual property. It means these products are products of genuinty and nothing more. We usually have them in drawing, writing of books etc. We the Copy right society of Nigeria which i do believe it’s a must for all music producers to register with. I have have known before now, registration os free of charge and trust me i still believe it is free of charge no hidden charges attached. If you are registering with the Copy right society of Nigeria, all you need do is get a valid idetity card, get a COSON form and fill it then get a passport photograph and submit. That’s all that is required of anyone who decides to register.

Words are not just enough to describe the loads of benefits that accrue to producers who must have registered with copy right society of Nigeria. When you do so, you protect your music, sounds etc from stolen or reproduced by anyone. Secondly, you can now collect royalties from anyone or organisations who may decide to use your music track or sound track for any purposes Royalties are commission anyone recieves when his or her music or soundtrack are used in either movies, adverts, cinemas, TV houses or Radio stations. They usually quite big in cash especially when a big brand is involved. And again, the major reason you register with a copy right organization is that you list all your music to them and they inturn will act as agents or middle between third parties who are interested in using your music for something else.

3. Start Your Recording Studio. You can’t claim to be a music producer and you don’t have a studio. In fact when a music star wants to locate you, he wants to see what you have. Meetings take place there. There is no onsite studio. Build one and nuture it. For the now, you may be just a one man producer but it does not change anything. You ought to have a studio so that you can a music or it’s brother music close to he has envisioned. As the producer with a studio, you will have the full control recording session, so that you could get something of you have seen in it.

4. Attend Social events. You can’t be an island on this business. You must meet with people who have gone far in the business in regards music production. And one place you could do this, is by attending social events. It could be competitions, parties, etc but so long these social events will bring artists, D’Js music record label executives, then you ought to be there. These social events also will bring top music engineers and also distributors. By meeting them, you must have created a what we networking of friends or colleagues that are in the same line of business. You will see new levels and new concepts in the business that will enhance your production. And if you intend signing any of the music star of your calibre, you won’t do yourself good by just putting calls across to them but by meeting them, you have must have a made chance of signing them. This means that the very artists you wanna sign, you meet them in person and ensure your business card is always with you for such a purpose.

I believe these few steps will go a long way to help you in achieving your desire goal of becoming a top music producer in the country. Now it will be very important to understand the various responsibilities of a music producer. And i would be dealing precisely with that in a moment.

How Does a music producer earn money in Nigeria?

I have listed some of the most ways a music producer earn money here in Nigeria and the globe entirely.

1. Through Gigs – For those who have a studio, they are likely gonna meet with those who do want to use their studio to record songs and they are paid for it. And this is the reason i initially said that having your own studio is a must.

2. They pick out artists and sign them – For those producers with a reputable career, they could scout for young talents that suits their taste, help these one grow, and also project their image to the moons and from there, they get their commission for it. This can only happen if the music producer have the right connections, go to events and scout for young talents, or attend music competitions or on TVs or Radio stations.

3. Through Commission – From every sale they make from a music project done, he get’s a particular commission from it. And the more they sale, the more commission they receive based on the agreement made. Another thing is this. They are also paid upfront for a music being produced even if the song hits the headway or not. This can only be done based on the said agreement between him and the music star.

We have come to understand based on research that music producers in Nigeria earn up to 12 thousand naira per hour of music production and about a 10 million naira in a month. For example, Omawumi paid COLBAMS about 23 million naira in her latest music production.

1. They guide the artist through his or music career ensuring they stand, groom, and train him ton the perfect music star he or she wants to be. We could draw an example from COLBAMS helping to groom Omawumi till this very moment of her career.

2. They are responsible for overseeing record sessions. This usually happens in the studio. This is one of their primary assignments which must not be delegated to anyone.

3. The either are responsible for mixing of soundtrack for the production of a music or they supervise whoever is in charge of it and ensure it is done the perfect way it should be done.

4. They are also charged with the responsibilty of promoting the music and also promoting the artist image. This is very crucia because, they don’t get this right, then it will all be a futile relationship between these two.

5. They also are responsible for supervising how the finance are being budgeted. But at times, this is delegated and if it so, then it should be someone who is worth trusting.

6. Finally, they are charged with the responsibilty of signing an artists into a record label.

These are but a few responsibilities of the music producer in the country and they are the basic ones. But this to work, you will have a near perfect music production company.

Feel free to add and drop your comments to improve this publication. thanks for reading.

How to become a music producer in Nigeria

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