Top 9 Richest Musicians in Nigeria 2018 their Net Worth

Top 9 Richest Musicians in Nigeria 2018 their Net Worth

Top 9 Richest Musicians in Nigeria 2018 – When we look at the very level the Nigerian Music industry have grown into, one become to appreciate hardwork and patience from these music stars. Because of a truth, there was no level ground for these artists to have grown this industry to where it is now. And it is no surprise that Nigerian musicians are making waves everywhere they found themselves around the globe especially around the continent. I have been doing some question and answering sessions with top entertainment bloggers and high profile record label to ascertain the very networth of these stars and i have come up with the latest Top 9 Richest Musicians in Nigeria 2018.

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This list of Top 9 Richest Musicians in Nigeria 2018, is subject to change as time goes on. But for the now, the names and listings here are the Top 9 Richest Musicians in Nigeria 2018.

Many still believes that the huge amount of money these artists do acquire comes only from selling their music. In fact they release vertically just singles and who goes to the music shop to buy just a single music? Apart from their songs, these professional artists makes their cash from shows, endorsement deals and investments.

Now lets take a look top 9 richest musicians in Nigeria 2018 and their net worth. We will take into cognizance how these artistes got featured on this list.

1. Wizkid

This position was filled by P’Square last year and two years ago but after their separation, the tide have changed and surely we have another artist occupying the position. Wizkid have grown to be a better artist from what he used to be. Sometime ago, he was criticized for being too childish especially the way he handles controversial issues. Wizkid’s real name is Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun. He grew up in Oju elegba axis of Lagos. Recently, he mentioned by forbes as being one of the richest artists in Africa. A feat reached after lots of endorsement deals across major companies in the country

He runs his own record label called Starboy music record label where he is the founder and CEO. For anyone to have been able to topple P’Square in the chart, then such a one must have achieved alot. Wizkid is an award-winning artist who have won many awards both locally and internationally. Some of his hit songs continue to top the musical billboard chart. No doubts, his contribution to the music industry have been well seen and his financial success too in the music interest is an eye watering one. He has signed some mind blowing endorsement deals with giant companies which worth millions of Naira and have helped him rack up enough wealth. Some of these brands are Pepsi, Globacom (top telecom company in Nigeria),formerly with MTN deal worth N40 million.

He is a car freaked star and one can see that from the luxury of cars he has. Also, he has lots of mansions in various countries and other investments, businesses and assets. He currently charges 5 million Naira per show as against 4 million naira last two years. He is estimated to worth over of $40 million according to Forbes magazine.

2. Davido

Born David Adedeji Adeleke but stage name is Davido is the second richest musician in Nigeria 2018. There have been lots of controversy about his wealth. Many believes that he got his wealth from his rich family “the Adelekes” or rich father. Whatever the case maybe, he is the second richest music star in naija and truth be told, Davidp have produced lots of quality naija hip hop songs and RnBs that have marked him out as one of Nigeria’s best performing artists. This could be visible when he won the best African Act for the year, beating a lots of prominent artists, including the likes Wizkid and Teckno to get the price. Well, that is not just the only award he has won. He has won several of them. In 2017, he released a song that has 30 billion dollar to it’s lyrics and that has been the name he has been called ever since. Confirm matter. One time, he told newsmen that he has up that in his account. He recently hosted a concert tittled “30 billion” which lots of various artists in attendance. It was a show to behold. Those of us who where could testify about it.

Davido is the eldest son of mr Deji Adeleke a multi billionaire. He has his own record labela and have also been signed world music giants SONY records. A record label known for it’s tendencies to sign best musicians in the Nigerian music industry. They include the likes of Tiwa Savage, Tekno, Wizkid etc. One cannot really estimate his net worth via his endorsment deals because you could hardly see him feature in adverts for any particular company. Though he is a board director in his father’s congloromate. He will charge you about N3 to N5 million per show. According to Forbes magazine, Davido’s net worth is estimated N10 billion.

Top 9 Richest Musicians in Nigeria 2018

3. Don Jazzy

Born Michael Collins Ajereh from Delta state. According to Forbes magazine, Don Jazzy, is currently Nigeria’s richest record producer. Founder and CEO of Mavin Records. In 2004, Don Jazzy co-founded Mo’ Hits Record label along side stars like D’Banj, Wande coal. It is widely acclaimed that he brought these superstars just mentioned into limelight. Well, that could be true because we have seen how the likes of Korede Bello, Rikado Banks Tiwa Savage etc have all excelled under him.
The only Nigerian music star on the list that has no song attached to his name or an album of his own. He specialises in bringing up young talents and that is what he has been doing for years. The likes of Tiwa savage, Korede Bello, Reekado Banks e.t.c have all been his protegees. For the production of a music he charges about 500 thousand naira plus for it and that has been how he has made his money. Thouggh his productios are second to none. For me, only the likes of Colbams and that could beat him to good quality productions. His wealth span across borders with lots of investments in Nigeria and abroad. He has signed lots of endorsement deals that worth millions of Naira with big companies in Nigeria which includes Glo, and the likes.

Don Jazzy is a car freaked man and his lifestyle indeed shows for it. Lives in his own mansion here in Lagos. The Celestial and Cherubim raised up music star is still single and and not even searching. As at the time of this publication, he is estimated to worth $35 million in dollars and about N8 billion in Naira.

4. TuFace

As far Nigeria music entertainment industry is concerned, he is surely one of the best. At a time, he was estimated to be the richest artist in West Africa a feat he attained in the middle of 2000. He was one of the three guys called defunct plantashun boyz which rumours had that he was the number one reason the group collapsed. As at now, many still view him as the number one best male singer in the country. His real name is Innocent Ujah Idibia. According to Forbes, he was the richest musician in Nigeria and Africa for so many years before the likes of P’square, Wizkid and davido came onboard to change the tide. He still remains a model figure to many upcoming artists in the country and Africa.

He is a multi talented music star. In fact for me, he is a music legend and have produced lots of hit tracks which has sold internationally and locally constantly topping the best music charts in various music platforms across the globe. Singing is not just what he does best. He is a songwriter, record producer and based on investment, he is an entrepreneur. He owns lots of investments across the globe and also have lots of business establishment here in Nigeria and abroad. He is has lots of signed endorsement deals with major top organizations in the country which runs into millions of naira. 2Baba as he is fondly called, do charge about 3 million naira per show and trust me, for his personality in the music industry, he is sure worth than it. He is estimated to worth about $22 million.

5. Olamide

The list of the Top 9 Richest Musicians in Nigeria 2018 won’t be complete if the likes of Olamide Adedeji known by his stage name Badhoo or Olamide is not mentioned. He is said to be the richest Nigerian Rapper of the last 12 months. He is very popular among the Yoruba people and the igbos because of his close ties with fellow rapper and hip hop artist phyno. He is the founder and CEO of one of Nigeria’s music record label in YBNL Nation.

At a time, Olamide sold over 40 million copies of his music worldwide. He has signed lots of music stars into his record label and that have been fetching him lots of cash too. He also makes most of his cash from his collaborations with other musicians and event organization. His business investment in Lagos state is second to none. Apart from the two filling stations he has in Lagos, he also have landed properties around the country. He has heavily made lots of investment in Lagos state. Olamide is also a brand ambassador for several companies. Some years back, he signed a very lucrative endorsement deal with Ciroc worth N30Million to be precise. He is also a brand ambassadors for Guinness worth N80Million, Etisalat deal worth around N50Million. That of Etisalat was recently renewed and an additional N30 million Naira was added. Olamide charges between N2 million to N4 million per show depending on the nature of the show. Forbes revealed that as at 2017, he was an estimated $6 million. But with these financial figurs being mentioned and the lots of investments he has, shows he is currently worth more than that.

6. Phyno

As far the eastern Nigeria is concerned, phyno remains the best rapper the Nation have ever produced. He is loved by all of them and that is why many companies are searchinng for him to sign him for ambassodorial deal He is the sixth richest Nigerian musician in the country. Born Azubuike Nelson Chibuzor. He was rated second best rapper in the country seconmd to Olamide his best friend. He raps and sings fluently in Igbo and English language.

He has won series of awards and have made a name for himself in the music industry as a top artiste and celebrity.He has distinguished himself from other rapper making him one of the country’s most creative music star. Phyno has amassed a wealth of untold limitation and that can be seen from his rich life style. He has major investment in real estate and fashion etc. Phyno and Olamide could hardly do a song without featuring each other and they both have combined and have taken the Nigerian entertainment industry by storm by their performance on stage. Reports have it that he do about N2 to 4 million Naira for shows. Forbes estimates his networth to be around $15 million.

7. P-Square

Top 9 Richest Musicians in Nigeria 2018 – Despite the fact they both have split into two, they still maintain top spot among the top 9 richest musician in Nigeria 2018. I will be discussing a few historical facts about them for those who may not know them. The both RnB rock stars where once dancers who did dance on the same stage from their early beginning of their career. They both are first and formost twin brothers. Paul later on would drop dancing for full time music and his younger twin decided he will do both. And they merged and founded a record label “Square Records” which was managed by their elder brother, Jude Okoye Engees.

This is the second time they have splited and trust me this might be the final one. The reasons for their breakup boils down to internal family affairs this led to a division of properties between them. After lot’s of persons came together to help pacify the situation, it still did not help and finally It led to the dissolution of P-square to the abasement of their fans. While they were together as P-Square, they signed a record deal with Akon’s Konvict Muzik label. During their time together, P-Square do charge N8 Million Naira per show. Some years back, they were first on the list on the Top 9 Richest Musicians in Nigeria. Duringn their time together, they won lots of awards. In 2014, 2015, and 2016 Forbes magazine ranked them as the richest twins in Africa.

They have lots of investments and other business across the globe. These investments are not part of their singing and dancing at shows. Rumours have it that both twin brothers have about 7 cars between them, mansions and even landed properties around the country and were worth about $40 million when they were together which made them the richest Nigerian musicians in Nigeria then. They had lots of endorsements deals that spanned into millions of naira

8. Timaya

Timaya just knows how to release what the Nigeria audience usually loves to hear. His real names are Inetimi Alfred Odon but popularly called by his stage name “Timaya”. Ever since he came into the spotlight in 2005, he has ever since then become a household name in the music industry. A singer and also a songwriter. He owns his own record label called the South South hip hop group, Dem Mama Soldiers.

In 2008, he sold 10 million copies in Africa from his second album Gift and Grace. He has endorsement deals from Globacom telecommunication, and other big giant companies in Nigeria. It was rumoured that the Bayelsa state born artist has lots og investment across Africa and Nigeria. He is estimated to be worth about N7 billion.

9. Flavour

Born Chinedu Okoli from Enugu. His stage name is Flavour N’abania. He is a multi talented artist. He is singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and performer also. A car freaked artist who loves flashy cars very much.

He started as a drummer in a local church in Enugu State. He has lots of endorsment deals from various companies in Nigeria. 9mobile is inclusive also. He has one of the biggest club house in Enugu state called “N’abania”. His several investments in the south eastern part of Nigeria has made him very much rich and famous. Flavour according to research is valued to worth over N5 Billion Naira.

10. D’banj

Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo known popularly by his stage name “D’banj” is a Nigerian musician whose fame have been nosied abroad from his musical career and other investments he has across the globe. During his hays days, he signed top endorsement deals and these deals did fetch him lots money. At a time, he was the richest music star in Nigeria and trust me, he is still one of the Top 9 Richest Musicians in Nigeria 2018 their Net Worth

In 2004, he co-founded MO’ Hits record label with Don Jazzy before an internal matters split them up. He is singer-songwriter, entrepreneur and television personality, he has became a global star who have featured in so many arts across the globe.
Many do feel he has dropped in the pegging order regarding top top music stars across the globe. But trust me, he is still a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. He is valued to worth about $3 million recently.
Top 9 Richest Musicians in Nigeria 2018

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