10 Best Film Production companies in Nigeria

10 Best Film Production companies in Nigeria

  10 Best Film Production companies in Nigeria – There have been lots controversy regarding which is the 10 Best Film Production companies in Nigeria. This publication will be showcasing to us the very best Film Production companies in Nigeria. This is not to undermine those that where not listed here. Nope but there are those that have taking the production of Nigeria movies to the next level.

First thing first. What is a film production company? Film production companies as it where do offer resources and manpower from script to screen which is much needed for the production of movies. And these listed production film companies as it where have in their own capacity served us quality and entertaining us with movies and television shows. There is no biasness in the list of Top 10 Best Film Production companies in Nigeria. Because the criteria for the selection are based on merit. Which includes number of productions, the quality of productions made and finally it’s commercial success made in the market.

Below are the list for the 10 Best Film Production companies in Nigeria.

12. Denziot Productions. This film production company is owned by fellow film actor and film director Desmond Eliot. At on time, he was adjuged to be the richest movies actor inn Nigeria and west Africa. The film production company is based here in Lagos and are very much engaegd inn the production and marketing of Denziot movies Nation wide. The following movies are among their production.
Kamara’s Tree
In the cupboard
The place and
Finding mercy

11. OGD Pictures Limited – Owned by popular producer Tade Ogidan. They have a reputation of collaborating with both international and local film production house to produce movies. Trust me, OGD is sure one of the best movie production house Nigeria have. They have produced movies such as Madam Dearest, Dangerous Twins, Saving Alero, family on fire etc. Apart from movies, they also engage in tv commercials, documentaries, game shows, TV series etc. They also engage in rental services such as multimedia rental services.

10. Anthill Studios – Mr Niyi Akinmolayan is the owner and chief executive of Anthills Studios who are very much engaged in visual media production and also post production of movies. They are specialist in multimedia purposes such as graphics design, set extension, storyboarding, green screen compositing, visual effects, colour grading, film editing, and the arbitration. It is a film house based in Lagos.

10 Best Film Production companies in Nigeria

9. DVWORX Studios – This film house is majorly responsible for services like providing of casts, crew, equipment, security and logistic supports for both producers and filmmakers from across the entire nation and beyound. They are the very best. And that is why they have featured in the Top 10 Film Production companies in Nigeria. It is owned by Femi Odugbemi. The production house also engage in film projects and broadcast content. Their movie productions includes the following. Who wants to be a millionaire, like father like son, metamorphosis, Oui vodoo, bar beach blues, cradle of ltterati. legend unplugged, rolling dollar etc.

8. Wale Adenuga Productions – For real i have come to love this production company very much. They are one of Nigeria’s best in terms being educative, excellent job and entertaining programems. This is one of the oldest movie production houses that have lasted and are even getting better each passing day. They have one of the best movie academy in the country. Situated in Lagos, Wale Adenuga production is owned by Mr Wale Adenuga a man who has passion for the industry.Among their entertaining programmes they showcase are This life, Super story, the popular papa Ajasco. A comedy that have become a household name.

7. Koga Studios – Their major jobs include film productions, commercials, television productions of all kinds. They are very much creative and their works sometimes looks as though a foreign production company did it. They also are involved in renting of mega studio facilities such as production equipments, support services, and production facilities as the case may be. The popular cinima movie called wedding party is being co produced by koga studios and Adetiba film production. Their jobs in the industyr includes heros and zros, the visit etc.

6. ROK Studios – This production company is sure one of the best in town. They have done lots of works which includes Festac Town, the Hitch, Hazeezat, husbands of Lagos, losing control, birthmark, cougers etc. This movie production company is based here in Lagos and have another ROK animation studio where Cartoons alone are produced. This production house is owned by popular actress named Mercy Njoku who happens to oversee every of the production that takes place. They are the best in what they do and have being one of the leading movie production company in the country. And also they have also being in the forefront of partnering with the industry’s most talented in content production.

5. Royal Art Academy Productios. Many actually asked why ROK was not forth when i actually first published this in one of the leading online news house, but i did not do this myself. Experts actually sat down and made this a known fact. Enem Isong owns this production house and trust me, you won’t regret working with this production house. I have personally testimony from those who in one way or the other have worked with the Royal Art academy productions. They have top actress and producers that work with them. The likes of Ini Edo and Mona Lisa Chinda. One of their attributes is that they are involved in training potential directors, actors and actresses. They have also produced some good and quality movies such as Apaye, weeken Gateway, champaugn, I’ill take my chances etc.

4. EbonyLife Films – This film production house is a subsidiary of EbonyLife TV known for mind blowing entertainment productions. They are very very good for what they do. They are one of the Countyr’s best. Infact as at two years ago, they where the best movie production house in the country. EbonyLife Films is owned by Mosunnmola Abudu. Though many do know as Mo Abudu for short. They have produced movies such as the Governor and wedding party etc.

3. Jungle filmworks – When it comes to live concert, live reality shows and commercials, no studio does it better at all than these ones. They have embarked on some challenging projects in the industry and trust me, their works are usually exceptional. As far as movie production is concerned in Nigeria, they have held their heads high in regards the high level of quality of their production. They have collaborated with diffrernt producers, directors etc to produced lots of buster movies. Such includes Figurine, Jenifa’s Diary etc. They have also partnered with some great companies like GLOBACOM, NESTLE PLC, NB PLC, GSK etc. They are located in Ikeja Lagos

2. Global Effect Pictures – They are sure one of the best in film productions in Nigeria. They specialise more on renting of production facilities, editing of movies and film consulting. They produced the likes of CEO, Irapada, Figurine etc. They have been a pioneering figur inn the industry for a long time now. For many, Global Effect Pictures is the best movie production houses we have in the country. Global Effect Pictures is owned by Kunle Afolayan.

1. Mainframe Pictures – Owned by cinnematographer Tunde Kilani. They are the best when it comes to promoting our rich cultural heritage and am very sure this is what have set them apart. Because they tend to project the true rich cultural heritage of the country to the outside world. During our last research visit to them, we learnt that they are involved in giving technical support to other movie production houses in the country and outside the country. They have produced mind busters like Narrow path, Ti oluwa Nile, thunderbolt, mirage, Abeni etc.

10 Best Film Production companies in Nigeria

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