Top 15 Beloved Wrestlers You Didn’t Know Were Dead

When i first read about the death of these great wrestlers i was astonished. There is one inevitable part of life many will face in life, and that is death. In the world of wrestling, drug abuse has traditionally run rampant and a physically demanding lifestyle surely will shorten lives and led to countless tragedies of individuals taken too soon.

Well, many of these wrestlers died and their death made headlines while others never did. This could boil down to their shock value and, let’s face it, the profile of the wrestler who has passed away. For example the deaths of wrestlers like The Ultimate Warrior, Randy “Macho Man” Savage, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit and Owen Hart all sent shockwaves across the world, spawning countless tributes and the release of sordid details surrounding their demise. Butsome died and many never knew about them and trust me, the list you are about to see will shock and trust me. you may never believe it but it is true.

The trend of wrestlers who have met their untimely death, is an alarming concern that helped inspire WWE to implement their Wellness Policy drug intervention program, which has tragically become so regular that some deceased superstars get lost in the shuffle. What a case scenario. The rules states that the death of a wrestler appears “In Memoriam” slide briefly appears on WWE TV but on In some cases, a wrestler’s death is washed away from the public consciousness soon after their “In Memoriam” slide briefly appears on WWE TV. Some are not even fortunate enough to be in good enough standing with WWE to warrant an “In Memoriam” tribute.

Below are the 15 superstars whose deaths may have gone under the radar, which will also includes some you may not even realize have died.



15 Sean O’Haire

14 Lance Cade

13 Mike Awesome


12 Umaga


11 Sensational Sherri

10 Mabel

9 Test

8 Giant Gonzalez

7 Bam Bam Bigelow


6. The Big Boss Man


5 Crash Holly


4 The British Bulldog


3 “Ravishing” Rick Rude


2 Yokozuna


1 Doink the Clown






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