11 Things you don’t know about Omotola Jolade Ekinde

11 Things you don’t know about Omotola Jolade Ekinde – Lots have been said about this Diva actress who have refused to drop down on her popularity. When was the last time she even acted a movie? When was the last time she was seen on a stage play, we all know that at a point, she ventured into the music industry which was not as effective as it is in the movie industry. Yet she keeps making the headline all the time. So many things about this queen of the south as i popularly refer to her in all of my columns.

Well, this is not her biography yet which am really taking tireless pain to work on and soon it will be out, but i want to release some of the very things many people do not really know about her. In any case, this is not to degrade or insult her nope. But her fans needs to about these things. She one of my favourite actress. For me, they brought the Nigerian Nollywood out of it’s shadow.

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Omotola Jalade, has become a household name in the Nigeria movie industry. And for, she inarguably the best the industry have produced. I will tell you why. One thing is make your way into the nollywood industry, and another thing is start well, and most importantly it is the capacity to adopte, change, and remain at the very top level continuously. And this is exactly what the likes of Omotola Jalade, Genevive Nnaji and the rest have done. You may be wondering if there are others who came, made affluence and faded away. Yes they are. Where are the likes of Victoria Iyama? where are the likes of Rita Ezeonu? What about the likes of Rita Nzeribe? There are lots more. These might not be in the movie industry making names for themselves o but they are all doing well today. Below are the 10 most important things you need know about your favourite actress Omotola Jolade Ekeinde.

1. Omotola Jolade as it where, is a Nigerian movie actress, a movie director but known of her movies she directed ever made it to the big screen, she is a philantropist and no doubt about that because you could actually see that in her NGO works, and also she was and is a model. Many of her fans never knew about this until recently. Actually, she is a model. She was one of those who pioneered the video film era in Nigerian cinema.

2. Omotola Jalade, was born 7th February 1978.

3. Omotola Jalade actually began her acting the year 1996. And since then, she has never looked back again. In fact that movie starred the likes of Zack Orji and her wife, starred the likes of Eucharia Anunobi who happens to be my dad’s favourite actress etc. A movie directed by Reginald Ebere. and as at today, many have attributed her success in the movie industry to Reginald ebere. Well, if that is true, it will be a matter of time because she definitely gonna answer that question. As at the time of writing this publication, she has starred in over 350 movies both locally and internationally.

4. Her popularity is second to none as this was made evidenced in her social media handler “Facebook” where she was the first African lady celebrity to have had over a million likes on her Facebook page. Woah this is stunning my friends. According to report, she has over 3 million likes and followers on Facebook currently. Can you beat that?

5. As at 2013, omotola jalade was honoured by the famous times magazine list among the 100 most influential women on earth along side Michele Obama the wife of the former President of America Barack Obama, Beyounce and Kate Middleton. Woah… This is quite huge my friend.

6. Her fame grew further when she made her first international debut in VH1’s scripted series tittled Heat the floor. Same year in November, she spoke at a summit in Doha Qatar at the 2013 edition of the WISE.

7. Many may still not know this. She was born in Lagos state at the very heart of Lagos though she is from Ondo state. A sibling among 2 children and a total of 5 members of the family. Her parents and two other two siblings of hers which where boys. One is her twin brother taiwo jalade and the other is Bolaji jalade. The family where relatively well to do because as at the early part of their lives, her mother Mrs Oluwatosin Jalade worked at JT Chanrai Nig and her father who passed about 2 decades and half ago (1991) worked at YMCA and the Lagos Country club. His name was Mr Oluwashola jalade.

8. She came into acting she accompanied a friend to an auditioning in lagos and that was all she needed at that time. And she got a role in that movie and she starred at the movie titled venom of justice directed by Reginald Ebere who was acclaimed to have made her influential in the industry.

9. In 2005, she took a diversion into the Nigeria music industry. Only God knows who advised her on that. Infact that would have nailed her career if she had never come out from the embarrassment she caused her career. What on earth was she thinking the music industry was? Same her friend Genevieve released hers too and ended up being the only one who bought her music. Omotola’s album tittled GBA was released along side her singles “naija lowa, then things you do to me” etc She did another one which was produced by Paul play and Del B, but that one never made the headlines.

10. She has an NGO called the Omotola youth empowerment programme (OYEP). This programme seeks to bring hundreds of youth together for the empower walk and various conventions. A firce human right activist, and a philantropist to the call far better than the GBA album she released in 2005.

11. She is a proud mother of four children Princess, M.J, Meraiah and Michael. She is married to a pilot from Edo state in 1996. A white wedding was held on board a Dash 7 aircraft that flew from Lagos to Benin in 2001with just close friends and relatives on board.

11 Things you don’t know about Omotola Jolade Ekinde

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