How to become a music producer in Nigeria

For so many, being a music star is just all that is needed and then every other thing regarding music is nothing. Trust me, such a one knows nothing. Being a music producer, is one thing that is as much lucrative as being a music star. If you doubt me, ask the likes of Don Jazzy, Terry G etc and they will tell you better. Well, i have not come here to write about the life of a music producer maybe that will be in another article. But on this article today, i will be sharing with us, 7 Tips on how to become a music producer in Nigeria. Trust me, you will find this amazing and for those who wants to take up jobs as a music producer, then with this article, you are sure up to the hills. So diligently read through this publication.Continue reading

Top 9 Richest Musicians in Nigeria 2018 their Net Worth

Top 9 Richest Musicians in Nigeria 2018 – When we look at the very level the Nigerian Music industry have grown into, one become to appreciate hardwork and patience from these music stars. Because of a truth, there was no level ground for these artists to have grown this industry to where it is now. And it is no surprise that Nigerian musicians are making waves everywhere they found themselves around the globe especially around the continent. I have been doing some question and answering sessions with top entertainment bloggers and high profile record label to ascertain the very networth of these stars and i have come up with the latest Top 9 Richest Musicians in Nigeria 2018.Continue reading