Nollywood Audition Form 2018/2019 – Nollywood Registration

I need everyone who aspire to be a Nollywood actor or actress to read this article meticulously. These days, the quest to become a star looms and lures many into danger. Some people blindly follow whatever they see online and that is how the rest of the story becomes history. When you search Nollywood registration form online or Nollywood audition form online, there are lots of websites that pops up claiming that they sell Nollywood registration form or nollywood auditioning forms online. How true is that scam? Since when did we start having our prestigious movie industry sell their registration or auditioning form online?

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Richest Yoruba Actors And Actresses In Nigeria 2018

Richest Yoruba Actors And Actresses In Nigeria 2018 – Some years ago, who would believe that the Yoruba Nation would be this prominent in the the nollywood industry. They have emerged as one of the leading pioneers of the Nigerian movie industry. Their stars are known all over the places. They have acted movies that are mind blowing. Even they shot movies outside the shores of this country.

In recent times, they have experienced lots of challenges that would have made it possible to close the industry but yet they have strive on to be one of the leaders in Nollywood. As it where, the Yoruba actors are paid very well and also, they have been recognised for their contribution to the world of art and cinema in Nigeria and all around the world at large. On this article, we will be showing you the top 10 highest paid Yoruba actors and actresses 2018.

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How To Join Nollywood As An Actor Or Actress

How To Join Nollywood As An Actor Or Actress – So many Nigerians have been clamouring to be part of the Nigerian movie industry but many have not been able to have a head way. Well i have decided to come up with this article here which i have been sharing with people and it have been helping them to and i am so sure that it will help you too. For those who want to join the Nollywood and become very popular and begin your journey to stardom, reading this article will be of great help to you.  You will agree with me that Acting has a profound influence, fame, money, and sometimes self fulfillment. As far as the world is concerned, acting is one of the most coveted careers anyone can think off. There are three major countries who has the biggest movie industry in the World. They are  USA – Hollywood, India – Bollywood, and Nigeria – Nollywood. The Nigeria Movie industry has proved how lucrative a career in acting could be. That is why the likes of Reginald Ebere who just started acting recently have made so much money and fame.

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Channels TV – Well, many people do know the channel TV as a news TV house. But if you are still in that category, then you have been missing out because channels TV have in recent times redefine what the media and journalism should look like. You can take a look for yourself and see what’s happening there. This means that Channels Tv have been able to transform it’s video content into a digital one. This they have done just to suit the digital audience of today. All kinds of Nigerian latest movies can be watched on Channels TV and you could give it a try and trust me, you will be glad you did.

See List Of 5 Best Anticipated Nollywood movies of 2018

2. Ndani TV – It was romoured that a group from GT bank did create the Ndani TV. Yeah. It is true as at now. It is the entertaining side of the prolific bank and they have been able to turn it into a video blog and an online magazine blog. In regards to watching entertaining movies or scenes in Nigeria, then you are rest assured that Nadni TV will deliver. They have featured the likes of 2face, Wizkid etc.Continue reading

 See List Of 5 Best Anticipated Nollywood movies of 2018 – We observed that in 2017 the Nigerian movie industry was a shame. Never lived up to the expectations the entire Nation actually dd anticipated. But so far so good, 2018 has witnessed more promising good movies that impressed us now.

Though last years was nothing to write home about in terms of movies, 2018 have produced some extraordinary good movies and EntertainmentNigeria have decided to bring to you the List Of 5 Best Anticipated Nollywood movies of 2018.

In no particular order, these are the List Of 5 Best Anticipated Nollywood movies of 2018

1. “The Royal Hotel Hibiscus”

The Royal Hibiscus Hotel

The Royal Hibiscus Hotel

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How to Join the Nigerian movie industry. How to join Nollywood.

How to join Nollywood – For a very long time now, i have been working on this article. Really want to give people who have seen acting as their careers a chance of making it to the top top acting echelon. Now for those who really want to be part of the acting industry of Nigeria and for those who do wish to be part of the Nigeria Nollywood industry should ensure they go through this publication. The reason is that, they will find in it on How to join Nollywood.

For so many persons have been trying their level best to be part of this industry and they have not been able to do so. Who do you blame? Is it the lack of information or is it the fact that the information being circulated are not factual enough? The gospel tryth is that many people have been getting the wrong information about how they can Join the Nigerian movie industry. And that is the very reason i have come up with this publication to assist everyone who desires to make their dream come through as regards the entertainment industry.Continue reading

How To Become A Movie Actress In Nigeria 2018

How To Become A Movie Actress In Nigeria – If there is anything anyone wants to be in naija today, it’s becoming a movie star in Nigeria. One thing is certain and that is this. There is nothing and i mean nothing that can stand in the way of a man’s will. The Nigeria movie industry is a large one. Most at times we may not even know how and where to go get the paid for in a movie. Let me shock you a bit. The likes of Mercy Johnson and Inie Edo, 8 years ago where paid 1.5 million naira per movie. This is excluding endorsement deals as it where that ranges from 5 million naira to 10 million naira. You see, for those who actually want to be a movie actress, and you do believe you have all it takes to make it to the top, this is your chance.

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10 Best Film Production companies in Nigeria

  10 Best Film Production companies in Nigeria – There have been lots controversy regarding which is the 10 Best Film Production companies in Nigeria. This publication will be showcasing to us the very best Film Production companies in Nigeria. This is not to undermine those that where not listed here. Nope but there are those that have taking the production of Nigeria movies to the next level.

First thing first. What is a film production company? Film production companies as it where do offer resources and manpower from script to screen which is much needed for the production of movies. And these listed production film companies as it where have in their own capacity served us quality and entertaining us with movies and television shows. There is no biasness in the list of Top 10 Best Film Production companies in Nigeria. Because the criteria for the selection are based on merit. Which includes number of productions, the quality of productions made and finally it’s commercial success made in the market.Continue reading