Falz Threatens To Sue NBC For Banning His Song – You all will remember this song that caused a controversy between some religious fanatics. Even the rapper himself Mr falz have come out openly to react to the recent ban on the song. He also have gone as far a saying that he will sue NBC (Nigerian broadcasting corporation) for placing a ban on the song.

He said this while he was addressing newsmen said that the ban was nothing less than ridiculous and baseless, senseless and that as far as he was concerned, there was nothing vulgar about the song lyrics. Read his full speech below.

Starboy Pop Up Shop Opens In New York Ahead Of One Africa Music Fest

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Top 10 Best Music Producers in Nigeria 2018




Best Music Producers in Nigeria 2018 – Many people do not understand the role producers play in a song production. If actually they do know, they would will be giving more respect than they actually are giving. Sometimes, the producers do work harder than the musicians themselves. Without these guys, music won’t work well.

Many a time we forget that there are those who are behind the console. They are the ones behind the faces of of the songs. They are the ones who help singers with their hooks as well. Let’s cite an example from Adey. You could hesr his voice on Ycee’s Juice’ and Olamide’s ‘Wavy level’. That’s the work of the producers. And today we have decided to look at the best music producers in Nigeria 2018.

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Richest Yoruba Actors And Actresses In Nigeria 2018

Richest Yoruba Actors And Actresses In Nigeria 2018 – Some years ago, who would believe that the Yoruba Nation would be this prominent in the the nollywood industry. They have emerged as one of the leading pioneers of the Nigerian movie industry. Their stars are known all over the places. They have acted movies that are mind blowing. Even they shot movies outside the shores of this country.

In recent times, they have experienced lots of challenges that would have made it possible to close the industry but yet they have strive on to be one of the leaders in Nollywood. As it where, the Yoruba actors are paid very well and also, they have been recognised for their contribution to the world of art and cinema in Nigeria and all around the world at large. On this article, we will be showing you the top 10 highest paid Yoruba actors and actresses 2018.

See the Richest Yoruba Actress in Nigeria 2018

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The Richest Yoruba Actress in Nigeria 2018 – No doubt you all must have guessed right regarding who is the richest Yoruba Actress in Nigeria 2018. When i first asked a few persons on the street who the richest Yoruba Actress in Nigeria 2018was i did have lots of answers from different people. In fact some called some names i have even watched on any movie. But many got the right answer and today i have decided to publish the name of the richest Yoruba Actress in Nigeria 2018.

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                  Genevieve Nnaji Biography And Networth

We did not just come up with this name or person. Nope. There are yardsticks for measurement and they include the following. First of all, the endorsement deals he or she has. How much does he or her charge per movie? His or her businesses that is if she has any etc. So you could see that though many are featuring in many movies but they don’t have the aforementioned. It makes more or less a normal movie actor.Continue reading

Biography of Odunlade Adekola – We all have thought that we have seen the very best of Yoruba actors until Odunlade Adekola came to the lime light. After he started acting some years back, there have been no better yesterday for him. He has stunned the Yoruba Movie world by storm. Mr Odunlade Adekola was born 31 December 1978 and he is a Nigerian. He is multi talented as far as the entertainment industry is concerned. A prolific actor, singer, film-maker, producer and director.

On this article regarding the Biography of Odunlade Adekola, we will be discussing his life under the following headings.

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Kanayo O Kanayo KOK Begins Campaign For 2019 Election, Seeks Seat In House Of Representatives

Veteran Nollywood actor  Kanayo O Kanayo hasd finally declared his intention to run for office last week has released his first official campaign poster.  kok campaign poster

Some days he finally let the cat out of his bag when he he took to his official IG page early few days to drop this message.“Hello friends, Good evening . 
Look for 3 things in a person, intelligence, energy & integrity. If they don’t have the last one, Don’t even bother with the first two — W. Buffet #KOK2019″

According to his campaign manager, The actor will be seeking seeking to represent Ahiazu/Ezinihitte Mbaise Federal Constituency at the House of Rep next year.

See his official Campaign poster below

kanayo o kanayo campaign poster

11 Things you don’t know about Omotola Jolade Ekinde – Lots have been said about this Diva actress who have refused to drop down on her popularity. When was the last time she even acted a movie? When was the last time she was seen on a stage play, we all know that at a point, she ventured into the music industry which was not as effective as it is in the movie industry. Yet she keeps making the headline all the time. So many things about this queen of the south as i popularly refer to her in all of my columns. Continue reading