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Nigeria’s Got Talent Registration 2018 and Audition Date | Nigeria’s Got Talent Audition Venue –

Nigeria’s Got Talent, Nigeria’s Got Talent Registration 2018, Nigeria’s Got Talent Registration 2018 and Audition Date, Nigeria’s Got Talent Audition Venue, – See more details below;

Nigeria’s Got Talent Registration 2018 and Audition Date


The Voice Nigeria Audition And Registration 2018

I have been receiving mails regarding this reality show called the Nigeria’s Got Talent Registration 2018. The mails have been about when it will start and what date and venues have been assigned to various states of the federation for Auditioning. Well, we have also received reports that many persons have been duped regarding this because they have been told that the Nigeria’s Got Talent Registration 2018 have already started. Well, i am here to give you the accurate answer. There are various components about this reality show that is quite useful for all potential applicants and it will be wise if all aspirants go through it and see what it is all about.Continue reading – Have you heard of the WAPKIDs Download Free Games, Mp3 Music, Videos download? Have you been told how you can download free games, good quality games, free Mp3 music on Well, if you have heard about it or not, or you stumbled on it by default settings, anyhow you might have gotten here, just relax because you are about to experience one of the surest way to download videos games, good quality mp3 music all for free on Also, if you are looking for where to get good and beautiful Wallpapers, Apps, and lots more then you are on the right track with Download.

Do you know that the Cellphone has become an indispensable part of our lifestyle? That it is the most used gadget by humans in the world today?  As it where, the Cellphone have turned out to be more advanced, loaded with extreme 4G features.Continue reading

Starboy Pop Up Shop Opens In New York – All over the world, guess what? Starboy Pop Up Shop Opens In New York. All Fans of Wizkid should be excited as the music superstar will have a pop up shop for his fans i New York.

Also featuring in that show in New York City, Wizkid Ayo will treat his fans to items from the Starboy merch. Some time ago, starboy announced that he was in partnership with Nike. And later on, we saw him feature in an advertisement by Nike.

There will be clothes and other accessories from the Starboy collection for fans to shop from.We have some of the photos from the pop shop location.Continue reading

Falz Threatens To Sue NBC For Banning His Song – You all will remember this song that caused a controversy between some religious fanatics. Even the rapper himself Mr falz have come out openly to react to the recent ban on the song. He also have gone as far a saying that he will sue NBC (Nigerian broadcasting corporation) for placing a ban on the song.

He said this while he was addressing newsmen said that the ban was nothing less than ridiculous and baseless, senseless and that as far as he was concerned, there was nothing vulgar about the song lyrics. Read his full speech below.

Starboy Pop Up Shop Opens In New York Ahead Of One Africa Music Fest

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Top 10 Best Music Producers in Nigeria 2018




Best Music Producers in Nigeria 2018 – Many people do not understand the role producers play in a song production. If actually they do know, they would will be giving more respect than they actually are giving. Sometimes, the producers do work harder than the musicians themselves. Without these guys, music won’t work well.

Many a time we forget that there are those who are behind the console. They are the ones behind the faces of of the songs. They are the ones who help singers with their hooks as well. Let’s cite an example from Adey. You could hesr his voice on Ycee’s Juice’ and Olamide’s ‘Wavy level’. That’s the work of the producers. And today we have decided to look at the best music producers in Nigeria 2018.

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We want to take out time to talk about the These are people who worked behind the scenes to make the beats your favourite singers and rappers record over. They all have emerged as being instrumental to the success of the songs they made.Continue reading

Nollywood Audition Form 2018/2019 – Nollywood Registration

I need everyone who aspire to be a Nollywood actor or actress to read this article meticulously. These days, the quest to become a star looms and lures many into danger. Some people blindly follow whatever they see online and that is how the rest of the story becomes history. When you search Nollywood registration form online or Nollywood audition form online, there are lots of websites that pops up claiming that they sell Nollywood registration form or nollywood auditioning forms online. How true is that scam? Since when did we start having our prestigious movie industry sell their registration or auditioning form online?

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Richest Yoruba Actors And Actresses In Nigeria 2018

Richest Yoruba Actors And Actresses In Nigeria 2018 – Some years ago, who would believe that the Yoruba Nation would be this prominent in the the nollywood industry. They have emerged as one of the leading pioneers of the Nigerian movie industry. Their stars are known all over the places. They have acted movies that are mind blowing. Even they shot movies outside the shores of this country.

In recent times, they have experienced lots of challenges that would have made it possible to close the industry but yet they have strive on to be one of the leaders in Nollywood. As it where, the Yoruba actors are paid very well and also, they have been recognised for their contribution to the world of art and cinema in Nigeria and all around the world at large. On this article, we will be showing you the top 10 highest paid Yoruba actors and actresses 2018.

See the Richest Yoruba Actress in Nigeria 2018

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How To Join Nollywood As An Actor Or Actress

How To Join Nollywood As An Actor Or Actress – So many Nigerians have been clamouring to be part of the Nigerian movie industry but many have not been able to have a head way. Well i have decided to come up with this article here which i have been sharing with people and it have been helping them to and i am so sure that it will help you too. For those who want to join the Nollywood and become very popular and begin your journey to stardom, reading this article will be of great help to you.  You will agree with me that Acting has a profound influence, fame, money, and sometimes self fulfillment. As far as the world is concerned, acting is one of the most coveted careers anyone can think off. There are three major countries who has the biggest movie industry in the World. They are  USA – Hollywood, India – Bollywood, and Nigeria – Nollywood. The Nigeria Movie industry has proved how lucrative a career in acting could be. That is why the likes of Reginald Ebere who just started acting recently have made so much money and fame.

See List Of 5 Best Anticipated Nollywood movies of 2018

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Simple ways on how to get your music on Radio stations in Nigeria – Airplay, Radio Promotion

how to get your music on Radio stations in Nigeria – We are all aware that the Nigerian radio industry has not been very friendly with our upcoming stars. Yeah. Some of you may not believe it but that’s the truth. This does not mean that there are no other Radio outlets out there that do not really promote the music career of our upcoming artists. They are and they are more than willing to help you grow your music career.  If indeed you want to grow your fan base as an artist, you want to be heard as an artist, you want your music to sky rock to the top, then the importance of airing it on radio cannot be over emphasized my friend. Because if your music is not played on some of these commercial radio stations, there’s a limit to your reach and your fan base will be quite limited to a handful of people. You need the radio station to promote you and your music.


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