The Voice Nigeria Audition And Registration 2018

The Voice Nigeria Registration And Audition 2018 | The Voice Nigeria Audition Venue –

The Voice Nigeria Audition And Registration 2018 – For as many that have been emailing us regarding the Voice Nigeria Registration 2018/2019, and how they can apply for the Voice Nigeria 2018, we have come up with this article just for you. In this article, we will be detailing down the procedures that are involved in ensuring you do a legit and a proper The Voice Nigeria Registration 2018. So patiently read through this article. But if you have any question regarding this article on The Voice Nigeria Registration 2018, feel free to drop it at the comment box and sharply i will email you the answer you seek for.

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But, we have to be clear about something. Please note that the Voice Nigeria 2018 Registration & Audition has not yet started. So of anyone have been asking you to pay any sort of cash for such an occasion, that person should be taking to the police station for proper investigation. News reaching is that The Voice Nigeria Registration 2018 will soon be out. And we will be giving you details of how it is registered. The procedure for The Voice Nigeria Registration 2018 is the same anywhere anybody. So what am about to show you now is how you will register for The Voice Nigeria Registration 2018 when it finally comes up.

The Voice Nigeria Audition 2018.

Please all interested applicants should drop their email and phone contact at the comment box so that when it comes out, i will directly give you a firsthand information. Because early to bed, early to rise.

The Voice Nigeria Registration 2018

The Voice Nigeria Registration

Now let’s have a lit chit chat of The Voice Nigeria.

We all might have heard of the popular The Voice. A REALITY Tv music show based in America. So The Voice Nigeria is the Nigerian version of the TV series The Voice. It is premiered on Africa Magic television channels Showcase and Urban on DStv in Nigeria on 10 April 2017 and was sponsored by Airtel and Coca-Cola.

The Voice Nigeria Audition And Registration 2018

The Voice Nigeria Registration Form 2018 is a talent hunt show. In this Talent hunt show, the best potential talent are usually discovered and set on a course that will take them to stardom. This show, as it where is absolute talent hunting. Raw and real talent. The very best of the best will be crowned winner and lots of deals signed and i tell you, you don’t wanna miss out on this one. One of the producers once sad that it is the best voice combined with the best mentality, that’s what the show is all about. Each year The Voice Nigeria through his reality show search for the nation’s new big star.

The Voice Nigeria Audition And Registration 2018

Now let’s discuss the exact how anyone can register for the voice Nigeria 2018.

How to Apply for ‘The Voice Nigeria Audition And Registration 2018

I have put up this page basically for interested and potential applicants who do wish to know when The Voice Nigeria Registration Form 2018 will be out on sale. Well, like i told you before now, The Voice Nigeria Registration Form 2018 is not officially out but when it comes out, through your email and phone contact address i will be able to reach you and give you firsthand information.

Please all potential applicants are to note the Following Important Instructions before startingThe Voice Nigeria 2018 Audition Registration exercise.

Note this very important information. For those potential Applicants who are not available for a first round audition still could be considered for audition. But this will be based on the a submitted DVD or video clip at the sole discretion of the Producer The producer’s decision will be final and binding in terms of accepting any applicant.

Sometimes or most times, various Acts are invited to audition for the series by researchers who will be acting on behalf of the Producer. Such acts are usually required to do audition on the same basis as any other applicant and normal programme Rules will apply everywhere.

One interesting thing i would all my audience to get straight i the fact that when a potential applicant submits a form and have successfully completed an application does not guarantee that an applicant will receive an audition or participate in the Programme. Selection and participation of applicants in The Voice Nigeria 2018 is strictly based on the organizers of the reality show.

To participate in The Voice Nigeria 2018, applicants must be resident in NIGERIA with a valid form of identification. Which means all potential applicants are to provide the Company with documentation in order to substantiate your age (i.e. birth certificate and/or valid international passport).

The Voice Nigeria Registration Requirement 2018

Below are some vital information that will be needed on The Voice Nigeria Audition And Registration 2018 Talent Show Registration, they include;



Date of Birth

Place of Birth

Passport Number

Passport Expiry Date

Nationality I.e your country

Country of Residence

Mobile Number

Mobile Number

Home Address And Place Of Work (If Any)

Country, Email, Marital Status ,GenderHome Language,Other Languages,

What genre of music do you perform in?

Do you play an instrument/s (name the instrument/s)

N/B: All applicants are to fill the form properly before submitting.

You can use the link below to complete your online The Voice Nigeria 2018  registration if you’ve proven yourself to meet the requirement above.

For all interested applicants who do wish to participate at this year’s The Voice Nigeria 2018, please note that the registration have not begun but as we have said before, we will give you a firsthand information about registration all you need do is drop your email and phone number at the comment box.

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The Voice Nigeria Audition And Registration 2018


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