7 Highest Paid Footballer in Nigeria 2018

Highest Paid Footballer in Nigeria 2018 – There have been lots of controversy regarding who the Highest Paid Footballer in Nigeria 2018 is and shockingly many football analysts have failed in providing us with the accurate figures. What most of them do not understand is that the size of the football club a player plays for actually do not determine the size of the pay of these stars.

The lists we have here regarding the Highest Paid Footballer in Nigeria 2018, will shock many because some of these big names do not receive as much as we thought. Even some the biggest and most exciting leagues in the world, actually do not pay as some do pay.

Without wasting much time, lets dive straight into what we have today. Highest Paid Footballer in Nigeria 2018.

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Top 10 Richest Rapper in Nigeria 2018

Rapper in Nigeria 2018 – There are usually yardsticks used in measuring the stats like this. For example, when talking about the Richest Rapper in Nigeria 2018, you don’t jump into conclusion based on the popularity of such an artists. Nope.It goes way beyound that.  And this is the reason am gonna be discussing the Richest Rapper in Nigeria 2018 as it ought to be and I will be outlining the criteria used in its measurement.

These artistes income do come from shows and tours, endorsement deals, Music labels and sales of their albums and this have seen them win series of awards locally and globally. Recently we could see Forbes rating many as being the richest and fastest musician in Nigeria 2018.

So now, we all know the criteria for rating the Richest Rappers in Nigeria 2018. Now let’s dive straight into the very list of the Richest Rapper in Nigeria 2018

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How to Join the Nigerian movie industry. How to join Nollywood.

How to join Nollywood – For a very long time now, i have been working on this article. Really want to give people who have seen acting as their careers a chance of making it to the top top acting echelon. Now for those who really want to be part of the acting industry of Nigeria and for those who do wish to be part of the Nigeria Nollywood industry should ensure they go through this publication. The reason is that, they will find in it on How to join Nollywood.

For so many persons have been trying their level best to be part of this industry and they have not been able to do so. Who do you blame? Is it the lack of information or is it the fact that the information being circulated are not factual enough? The gospel tryth is that many people have been getting the wrong information about how they can Join the Nigerian movie industry. And that is the very reason i have come up with this publication to assist everyone who desires to make their dream come through as regards the entertainment industry.Continue reading

How To Become A Movie Actress In Nigeria 2018

How To Become A Movie Actress In Nigeria – If there is anything anyone wants to be in naija today, it’s becoming a movie star in Nigeria. One thing is certain and that is this. There is nothing and i mean nothing that can stand in the way of a man’s will. The Nigeria movie industry is a large one. Most at times we may not even know how and where to go get the paid for in a movie. Let me shock you a bit. The likes of Mercy Johnson and Inie Edo, 8 years ago where paid 1.5 million naira per movie. This is excluding endorsement deals as it where that ranges from 5 million naira to 10 million naira. You see, for those who actually want to be a movie actress, and you do believe you have all it takes to make it to the top, this is your chance.

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7 Richest Fuji Musician In Nigeria 2018

Richest Fuji Musician In Nigeria 2018 – Will there be surprises this year as regards the Richest Fuji Musician In Nigeria 2018? Well, we are about to find out. But we have to do a little bit of analyses first to ascertain the criteria for the selection of the under mentioned Richest Fuji Musician In Nigeria 2018. I never knew the weight of fuji music until i relocated to the West. In fact, fuji music could be traced to the every blood veins of a yoruba man or woman which includes both youths, adults, and children. These fuji musicians have a way of making sure that the circular music do not chase them out of market.

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Now i see why Kiss Daniel once said that ” he style is both the music of foreign and fuji” and no wonder he has been the crown prince of the Nigerian music industry. You may never no what am talking about until you come to the land of Ejigbo, ikotun, Alakija, Surulere, Idimu etc and never hear songs from Phyno or Dat Nigga Raw but music from these Afro juju and fuji musicians. And these have made some them richest musicians in the Nigerian music industry. And as at today, i will be telling us who are the Richest Fuji Musician In Nigeria 2018 and trust me you will be amazed at their networth.Continue reading

How to Apply for Jobs Online in Nigeria – Gone are those days where you have to travel in person from Lagos to Kano in other to submit your application for a job you are not too assured to get. But that is what the analog world has for us then but now we operating a digital world where everything goes online and things are done sharp sharp. Which means you can apply for a job from lagos to a far a way land in Sambisa via the internet.Continue reading

Tonto Dikeh: My Ex Olakunle Churchill Was Broke & Homeless When We Got Married

Well, i think many Nigerians may never believe this though it may sound very true. Famous Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh has fired back at her baby daddy in a most demeaning manner.

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Kanayo O Kanayo KOK Begins Campaign For 2019 Election, Seeks Seat In House Of Representatives

Veteran Nollywood actor  Kanayo O Kanayo hasd finally declared his intention to run for office last week has released his first official campaign poster.  kok campaign poster

Some days he finally let the cat out of his bag when he he took to his official IG page early few days to drop this message.“Hello friends, Good evening . 
Look for 3 things in a person, intelligence, energy & integrity. If they don’t have the last one, Don’t even bother with the first two — W. Buffet #KOK2019″

According to his campaign manager, The actor will be seeking seeking to represent Ahiazu/Ezinihitte Mbaise Federal Constituency at the House of Rep next year.

See his official Campaign poster below

kanayo o kanayo campaign poster

How to become a music producer in Nigeria

For so many, being a music star is just all that is needed and then every other thing regarding music is nothing. Trust me, such a one knows nothing. Being a music producer, is one thing that is as much lucrative as being a music star. If you doubt me, ask the likes of Don Jazzy, Terry G etc and they will tell you better. Well, i have not come here to write about the life of a music producer maybe that will be in another article. But on this article today, i will be sharing with us, 7 Tips on how to become a music producer in Nigeria. Trust me, you will find this amazing and for those who wants to take up jobs as a music producer, then with this article, you are sure up to the hills. So diligently read through this publication.Continue reading

Top 9 Richest Musicians in Nigeria 2018 their Net Worth

Top 9 Richest Musicians in Nigeria 2018 – When we look at the very level the Nigerian Music industry have grown into, one become to appreciate hardwork and patience from these music stars. Because of a truth, there was no level ground for these artists to have grown this industry to where it is now. And it is no surprise that Nigerian musicians are making waves everywhere they found themselves around the globe especially around the continent. I have been doing some question and answering sessions with top entertainment bloggers and high profile record label to ascertain the very networth of these stars and i have come up with the latest Top 9 Richest Musicians in Nigeria 2018.Continue reading